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All About Managed Desktop Services and its Advantages to Businesses

Posted by SreeSwaminathan on July 1st, 2020

Managed Desktop services (MDS) is an advanced service that allows users to outsource the responsibility of monitoring and maintenance of desktop computers so that they focus on business-specific functions. In other words, you can gain admittance to your office PC from your home desktop and can utilize every one of your documents, applications, and system assets precisely as you use to deal with your office PC. To do this, you will have to leave your office computer on with programs running, and when you get home, you can watch your work on your home desktop, with the same programs running.  

What Managed Desktop Services Do?  

Managed desktop service providers with a team of expert professionals on board provide professional, highly technical, and efficient on-site as well as remote IT services round the clock.  

Since the past few years, the popularity of desktop management services has risen to a great extent. These service providers follow a comprehensive approach to managing all the computers that are used in an organization. It’s a process of managing different computing devices.  

managed desktop services

Industry application managed desktop service  

Managed desktop service is applied in multiple industries for the management of IT infrastructure. Presently, utilizing MDS, new applications or updates can be introduced in all the PCs through single command without practically doing it independently. In addition, several computer problems can be identified and debugged by accessing the affected computer.  

Education Sector – In the education field to several educational institutions are using managed desktop services for offering students the option of distance learning. Students can learn or watch an introduction or do practice by getting associated with a PC at their school. 

Telecommunication Sector – MDS is also being used in the telecommunicating sector. A Lot of the telecommunicating opportunities are available these days wherein an employee can work from anywhere with access to a computer system with an internet connection.  

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Advantages of Managed Desktop Services  

With the accessibility of the high-speed internet, you can have your software applications that will empower worldwide organizations to access to shared applications effectively without the need of an IT specialist and noticeable PC information. 

The advantages of the managed desktop are:   

  • Disaster recovery – In MDS, there is no fear of losing any data by theft or disaster, because all documents and files are stored in secure data centers. All connections to your remote desktop are encrypted to ensure your correspondence are safe and secured from being hacked.  

  • Work Freedom – MDS allows you to work from anywhere; it enables you to move with your laptop or computer system and work seamlessly from anywhere, anytime.  

  • Cost-Effective – Management desktop system will cut down your cost of purchasing Microsoft Office Suite as it generally comes with a remote IT system package.  

Reasons why Managed Desktop Services is Good for Businesses  

There’s a quiet buzz around managed desktop services. Hosted desktop services, which is also a part of managed desktop services, these days for many businesses is making a lot of sense. Maybe to some IT support companies and departments, it might not look great, but if embraced in the right way, it can be a benefit for them as well.  

Here are some reasons why opting for hosted desktop services is a good idea for many businesses  

  • Uniform experience everywhere – Putting software on a central server means everyone accesses the same software from anywhere. No need to worry about which licenses, upgrading versions, etc. Many HDS services will give access to software using apps that will work on nearly any device such as Citrix, which works on Windows, Android, Apple OS, tablets, and other popular platforms.  

  • Caring Backups & Security – Backup and security are a necessary pain. It tends to be a concern while considering HDS; all things considered, how great is the provider's backup and security system? The answer is that it has to be good! Some companies will be storing sensitive and valuable data, so HDS suppliers need to make sure that everything is backed up in real-time or close to it.   

  • Speed – If you have been using Windows-based machines, then you will be familiar with the way that they can slow down over time. Possibly on the grounds that there is an excess of programming on a PC, on account of a virus, maybe the hard disk has faults. This is not the problem with HDS, where the servers are high quality, fast, and maintained for you. The servers are doing all the work for you; all you have to do is run the software that allows you to access the servers, which doesn’t tax a device or use much internet bandwidth.  

It’s like having a new PC every day. People can work faster and be more productive, and won’t have the frustration associated with slow computers.  

  • Proactive Support – Another headache with keeping up software and hardware is staying up with the latest, frequently across numerous gadgets. Most of them won’t apply with HDS as support staff are keeping everything up to date for their customers and monitoring systems for faults.  

HDS users will still have queries, and sometimes things may go wrong, so it’s important that support is available during working hours and maybe even 24x7 support. This is a degree of support accessible with HDS, as number of organizations are utilizing it. 

  • Improved Cash Flow – HDS is a scalable subscription service where various individuals can utilize distinctive software at various occasions. This gives the adaptability that can be controlled. The expense can be fixed to be the equivalent every month, or it very well may be topped to how much a client is eager to go through every month, permitting adaptability without loss of control. There are not many unforeseen costs to accommodate. HDS is an easy service to incorporate with an organization's month to month and yearly financial plan. 

  • Mobility – As HDS works anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection and on almost any device, it can be used in any place in the world. No special connections are needed. If a company moves office it doesn’t matter; if someone has to work at home, it doesn’t matter. Use a PC, tablet, laptop, or even a phone.    

Business ICT Partners is one of the best business telecom solutions and IT solution providers in Australia. It offers a unified communication system and managed desktop services to small and large businesses in Australia. The desktop service offered by the company helps its clients to optimize the operation and administration to desktop deployment to improve their work efficiency. The company has partnered with the best technology and service providers in the ICT and IT industry, including Telstra, Panasonic, Cisco, etc.  

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