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CJ Uniworld Corporation - Manufacturing Premium Organic and In-Organic Banana Ch

Posted by copxmartin1992 on July 1st, 2020

Snacking during any-time of the day can be a great way to stave off your cravings and hunger issues for a limited amount of time. As compared to potato chips in general, banana chips are considered globally as a more natural alternative. They are a great and lightly crisp solution to your hunger cravings of the day and are made by slicing and dehydrating banana slices. While not being the exact level in the nutrition amount, yet they are loaded with a variety of nutrients when overall compared to potato chips. Some of the hidden health benefits of banana chips by one of the biggest banana chips suppliers i.e. CJ Uniworld Corporation are:-

  • Banana chips are generally high in calories. It contains roughly 10% of your daily calorie intake if a standard of 2000 calorie diet is taken under consideration. And as most of the calories come from carbohydrates and fats, they are a good and very concentrated source for the same which ultimately means that banana chips can be fueled as snack in-between meals in limited amounts.
  • These chips by Filipino Banana Chips Manufacturers are also a very good source of some essential vitamins, especially magnesium. Your body needs magnesium for energy production, cell-to-cell communication, and DNA synthesis for cell growth. A single serving of banana chips will net you an approx value of 32 mg of magnesium. 
  • Another reason why banana is known for its health supplement value is the presence of significant amounts of potassium in it. Banana chips, not being rich in potassium the same way as in the original fruit, yet despite contains significant amounts of potassium comparably. Each serving amounts to about 225 mg of the same which amounts to 5% of the potassium you need in a single day. Potassium offers several health benefits which include support for your nerves and muscles and blood pressure-lowering properties. 
  • Banana chips are also very rich in fiber. a 1.5 ounce serving of banana chips contains about 3gm of fiber which amounts to 12% of your daily recommendation. 
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