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Common Carpet Pet Urine Removal Mistakes Every Pet Owner Makes

Posted by cleanhousemelbourne on July 1st, 2020

It may be overwhelming to have a furry friend at home but when it comes to cleaning pet urine from carpet fabrics, it turns out to be a nightmare for most pet owners. Treating pet stains from carpet isn’t a cakewalk and requires skills, patience and thorough knowledge of the cleaning procedure. For people who consider pet urine removal a negligible job, often ends up making these costly blunders.

Letting Stains Sit on Carpet for Long

This is a fundamental mistake committed by most pet owners when it comes to removing pet urine from carpet. Most pets love to spend time on the mushy carpet fabrics which make it highly susceptible to stains and dirt. Allowing pet stains to sit on carpet for long can ruin the lustrous shine and feel and lead to mould growth. To add further, if pet stains are not addressed on time, they may be harder to remove later and you will end up causing permanent damage to your costly masterpiece.

Using Old Cloth and Paper Towels to Scrape Pet Urine

Most people are unaware of the proper carpet cleaning procedure and make costly blunders to their household belonging. Regardless of whether it’s a new stain or an old one, using an old cloth or paper towels for carpet pet urine removal in Melbourne can break the delicate fibres and ruin the mushy feel of your carpet. They refrain from seeking help from professional carpet pet urine cleaner in Melbourne to save a few bucks and end up causing more damage than good.

Scrubbing Pet Stains on Carpets too Hard

Carpet fabrics are delicate and need special treatment. Pet stains are sticky in nature and get absorbed easily if left untreated for long. Scrubbing pet stains vigorously can damage or break the fabrics and cause stains to penetrate the carpet padding, thereby, leading to mould infestation. Mould and mildews not only make your carpet an eyesore but give rise to potential health hazards such as asthma, respiratory troubles and lung disorders.

Using Natural Home Remedies Like Baking Soda & Vinegar

Although baking soda and vinegar are considered to be natural bleaching agents and are easily available in any household, it does nothing good to the carpet fabrics. Each carpet fabric is different and so are their cleaning requirements. For homeowners who consider treating pet stains with baking soda get stuck in a never-ending cycle of rinsing and repeating until they get utterly fed up and consider replacing the carpet as a whole.

Not Vacuuming Properly

Although carpet stains are common, pet hair and dander can build up on fabrics over time and give an unsightly appearance to your carpet. Gradual accumulation of pet dander causes musty odours and trigger allergies among your family members. Regular vacuuming helps in eliminating dirt, stains, grease from carpets and make your home a germ-free haven. For homeowners who overlook regular vacuuming of carpet often notice their kids falling sick and other health disorders among elderly family members.

Last Words

Pet urine removal isn’t something to be done single-handedly. It requires skills, patience and detailed understanding of cleaning methods which most homeowners lack knowledge in. So if you want to remove pet urine without causing damage to your carpet, hire professional carpet cleaners for guaranteed results.

Author’s Bio: The author “Clean House Melbourne” is a reliable carpet pet urine cleaner in Melbourne having years of experience in offering carpet urine removal using eco-friendly cleaning tools and detergents at a market-competitive price.

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