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Choosing a Table Tennis Racket and Understanding Spin

Posted by TableTennisStore on July 1st, 2020

For anyone starting as a ping pong player, choosing a racket is likely the first significant decision. Most players regard rackets as the most essential piece of table tennis equipment. The choice of a racket is commonly driven by the grip and style you choose because all three are related. Coaches and pros remind beginning players to give proper consideration to racket choice – because starting with the wrong one can slow down your skill development seriously. Over time you will likely become quite attached to your racket on an emotional level, which will affect your comfort level while playing.

Once you've decided on a racket, another essential priority for beginning players is understanding the role of spin in table tennis. It's what sets ping pong apart from all other racket sports. There are virtually endless varieties of spin available to players, and they are what makes the game intellectually fascinating to play and watch. To progress from beginner to intermediate, every player needs to become familiar with spin and how it works. It's crucial to know how to use it yourself and read it from your opponent. Once you do, the game becomes an entirely different experience, and you'll progress as a player.

As soon as you've begun understanding spin, you need to learn more about the basic strokes used in table tennis. Putting them together will have you on the way to playing better ping pong. Also, while playing is one way to practice, training is an excellent way to improve your game more rapidly. Adding drills and footwork exercises to practice regimens along with games played, makes a difference. Before long, it's time to learn about how to play against anti-spin. You also need to know what to do against an opponent using rubbers with long pimps, which affect the spin on the return ball.

On the other hand, players are using short pips that affect their returns in different ways. You need to have both experience and know what to do when you come up against either one. The part of the practice that most players enjoy most is playing the game. When combined with drills and exercises, more training helps you advance more quickly. Learning how to play doubles adds a dimension to your practice play, and you may find you like it more than singles. Table tennis is a growing racket sport globally, and the ease with which you can own a table and learn the game are incentives.

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