Differences between lace wigs and hair pieces

Posted by AmandaTom on March 7th, 2013

The purpose of using lace wigs and hair pieces is the same. Both of these hair products are used to hide baldness or saving one’s natural hair. There are many of us that lose hair due to multiple reasons. The reasons could be physical or psychological. In some cases medications work and some people opt for surgery as well. But people that use these products for cosmetic purposes prefer wigs and hairpieces because these are easier to use and inexpensive as well.

So what are the differences between lace wigs and hair pieces? To be honest there is not much difference between the two. As mentioned already the purpose of using these products could be two – 1. To hide baldness and 2. To create hairstyles without using chemicals on one’s natural hair.

The major difference between lace wigs and hair pieces is in the size of the bald area on the head. Some people lose hair from all parts of their head and they completely go bald. For such people wigs are better options. Then there are people that lose hair in specific parts of their head and as a result bald patches can form on their scalp. These people typically use hairpieces or toupées as they are known as.

Lace wigs can be put on in different ways. There are wigs that are created by weaving hair strands on a lace base. The lace base is then put over the scalp like a cap and it gives the wearer the appearance that they have their full head of hair intact. There are also other forms of these wigs that are glued to the scalp. There are special adhesives available for this purpose.

Hair pieces or toupées are typically used when the baldness is at the crown of the head. Toupées can also be applied to the scalp using different methods and weaving is one of them. In this method the toupée is weaved to the natural hair and this is a more permanent solution.

For years wigs and toupées have been sources of humour and some of it is utterly crass. Technology was not so advanced earlier on and when someone wore a wig or a toupée others would come to know instantly. There are stories of kids of the neighbourhood making fun of the elderly man because they knew that they are out wearing their wig or toupée. But the times have changed since and the modern wigs on lace bases and hairpieces are made so well that they are virtually impossible to tell from natural hair. It is not just that the design has changed but also the fact that the modern wigs and toupées are made of natural human hair. These are more costly items but definitely worth the price they command.

If you have been suffering from lack of self esteem due to hair loss then it is about time you found out about lace wigs and hair pieces. Buy proper pieces and you will find your self esteem coming back.

There are differences between lace wigs and hair pieces and you should choose as per your requirement.

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