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Posted by GiulyRotarry on March 7th, 2013

 You’ve got yourself a new motorcycle and you already feel like the king of the road. Maybe you already have plenty of experience, or maybe you’re a newbie. Maybe you’ve got a brand new bike, or you’ve decided to opt for a vintage model. Whatever your circumstance may be, one thing is definitely on your mind: mx graphics. Whether you’re looking at stock mx graphics, or you’re speaking with a professional, and getting your own custom mx graphics design, image is everything, so you better get it right the first time, or else face costly consequences.

It can be very tempting to find yourself face-to-face with your new bike, throw away all caution and go for a home-made mx graphics. You could use your at-home printer, and just buy special paper for stickers. Or else, you can find your mx graphics design, tweak it or not, and take it to a print center. But, any way you choose to do it, you’re left facing a home assembly process. And this means, when everything is said and stuck, your dream bike could make you want to take a hike instead. When custom mx graphics designs are chosen, it’s especially important to have the application done right the first time, as you won’t want to order another custom kit anytime soon. 

This said, whether you’re undertaking the project yourself, or whether you’re having a professional shop do it for you, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, take care to apply any mx graphics design over clean surfaces, free of any amount of rust. This applies more to a DYI graphics job, but it’s too important not to mention. If graphics are applied over rust, then they will crack before their time, or start to peel off. If you’re doing the job yourself, remember to go over the whole surface before you begin, to make sure it’s smooth, and rust-free.

For applying custom mx graphics designs, it’s always best to hand the job over to a professional. Take care, however—if the professional of your choice doesn’t have the proper training to undergo this sort of project, you might end up with sub-par results for a hefty price-tag. To this, you can also get the added inconvenience of having your design start to deteriorate or peel off way before its time. 3M Certification is an industry standard, so before committing to your chosen shop, make sure they have at least one person with this certification.

Unless you’re taking your business to one of the largest graphics installation businesses, you should always take all precautions before committing to a custom mx graphics job on your new bike. First, make sure to ask your chosen shop to see some testimonials, references, or other proof that you will be the last in a long line of happy customers. Also, make sure to ask your chosen shop if they offer a warranty. Dealing with custom mx graphics especially, even the more experienced professionals can slip up, and you want to be covered for any and all mistakes. After all, your new bike deserves the best, and you do as well.

Thinking about getting an mx graphics design for your new bike? Think about custom mx graphics, they’re bound to help you express yourself!

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