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Why is developing an on-demand dog walking app profitable?

Posted by dhriyacharls on July 1st, 2020

Are you an entrepreneur looking to launch a unique smartphone application that is potentially beneficial and profitable? With the digitization gradually fitting into the shoes of the traditional means of services, the situation demands on-demand apps for almost every sector. 


Enhancing people’s convenience is a tedious task. But if you can crack that code, you can reap revenues in almost every sector. Let’s focus on the dog walking service industry. People in their busy schedules neither have the time nor the energy to walk their pets. They’ll inevitably need dog walkers who can do the task for them. What if you can establish a virtual platform connecting multiple dog walkers to people in need? Are you ready to launch an on-demand pet sitting app?

Now, why invest in this smartphone application for dog walking?

The increasing demand
According to the data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over three-quarters of the US households account for more than 188 million pets. According to IBISWorld, the dog walking services industry has a market size of billion. According to the American Pet Association, pet owners nearly spend billion annually on pet-related goods and services. As a result, your dog-walking app can gain instant success among the audience.

The market is unexplored
The market for dog walking apps is relatively new. Hence, you can gain instant traction in your business, provided you offer a seamless and user-friendly platform. Being an unexplored market, you can easily satisfy your customers’ expectations, thereby scaling your app and registering a place in users’ smartphones.

When it comes to yielding revenue from the Uber for dog walking service app, you can do so from various sources.
  • By establishing a virtual platform, you connect dog walkers with customers. As a result, for every payment, you’ll receive your share as commission fees.
  • You can roll out the app’s premium version to users who pay you subscription charges on a monthly or yearly basis. This adds to your income source, as well.
  • By displaying third-party ads on your site, you can charge advertising fees from third-party brands for a fixed timeframe.
It is clear from the above that entrepreneurs needn’t have second thoughts about investing in this lucrative segment. Get in touch with an app development company and initiate your app development today!
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