Panerai watches, a must have accessory from the Second World War

Posted by tedmark on March 8th, 2013

For more than 150 years, Panerai watches have been object of desire for men across the globe. Even though they were firstly used by the navy troops for their utility and precision, these watches have more recently become a fashion statement. When it comes to the matter of giving one as a gift, it is safe to say that they are the equivalent of the diamond engagement ring for women.

When we think about fashion there are a few countries that come in mind. With big name designers such as Versace and Gucci having been born there, Italy holds a top place in the list of states that set the tone when it comes to what to wear. Whether we talk about purses, shoes or men’s watches, this is the place where all the best accessories come from. Thanks to the manufacturers’ skills and attention to details, Italian brands are always a good pick. A perfect example for this is Officine Panerai, a company which has been producing quality watches since the late 1800’s.

Giovanni Panerai founded the company around 1860 in Florence, Italy. Due to the fact that at first it only produced measuring equipment, Panerai’s company later became the first official supplier for the Royal Italian Navy. Between 1938 and 1993, Officine Panerai has made over 300 watches and other precision instruments for the Regia Marina. The watches were a good fit for the navy soldiers as they were both very précis and water proof. However, in order to make the watches look less like military equipments and more like pieces of jewellery that would appeal to the general public, the ownership of Panerai decided to collaborate with the German company, Rolex. This is why many of the watches sold today have Rolex movements.

Because of its rich history and good quality products, the company was later bought by Richemont. Under the new ownership, it became, what most would consider, one of the best cult watchmakers in the world. Nowadays, Officine Panerai watches are manufactured in Italy, Switzerland and Neuchatel. When it comes to style, the brand has four major lines or themes: Historic, Contemporary, Manifaturra and Special Editions. Another interesting point in the company’s history is the contract with Ferrari, signed in 2005. Branded Ferrari engineered by Panerai, the collection on which the two companies collaborated included 11 models. The cost for each of these watches was situated between $5,000 and $30,000.

The person who made the watches famous for buyers across the globe was Sylvester Stallone. After wearing a Panerai watch for a movie scene, the American actor ordered a few more watches which he later offered as gifts to his friends. The company made a special edition called Slytech, each of the watches bought by Stallone having his signature on the case. His love for the brand was manifested again recently when he was seen wearing a Panerai accessory in the movie “Expendables 2”, which appeared in 2012. The actor seems to have spread the Panerai fever to his other Hollywood friends as well. Celebrities are very fond of these watches and many of the chose to wear them both in movies and real life. British actor Jason Statham wore a Panerai in the 2008 film “Transporter 3” and John Charles chose a Panerai Luminor Marina Automatic for some scenes in “The Good Wife” (2009).

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