Small Changes = Big Rewards

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

From the minute we are born our brains are being programmed by adults, don?t do that, don?t do this, that?s right, that?s wrong, the list goes on. Parents all over the world programming their children?s minds with what they believe is right. Like a computer the information is stored in the memory and is repeated day in day out, over and over again. Once programmed it is sometimes hard to change our life we consider normal.

However, by looking at ways of improving the mind can only bring the dreams we have one step closer to reality. With small changes we can all improve the way we live. If we sit back and live the life we have been given it will always stay the same.

Achieving can become addictive, as a smoker for most of my life and tried to pack up more times than one can remember. There were plenty of reasons to quit, children, the cost and health were the top ones. However I always could find a good excuse to start again, an argument with the wife, a special occasion, down the pub with other smokers that was good enough reason.

Then One day and I still don?t know why, I woke up and decided I wasn?t going to smoke again, there wasn?t a last one or last puff I just stopped. I did that 3 years ago, packing up was so easy once I got it into my head.

My head is now programmed to believe that I don?t need them, and since stopping I have continued to look for the next challenge. 3 years ago I would have loved to know how to turn on a computer, I now own 3 of them and have a built a number of websites too! I am always on the look out to find ways of improving myself.

Talking to people is one of my favourite past times but for some reason I get nervous when I have to stand up in front of people and make a speech, that is what I have made my project at the moment, so when I officially marry the woman I already call my wife, I will be able to stand up in front of a crowd and tell everyone how much I love her, without stumbling around for words.

By slowly changing the way our minds are programmed, it is possible to achieve almost anything in life, with confidence and self-belief more and more people are getting out of life what they have only ever dreamed about before.

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