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Top 10 Features of Intranet That Help Your Business

Posted by collaborationtool on July 1st, 2020

One crucial element every organization needs to succeed is the intranet. It is the foundation of every successful business communication. With the effective features of these intranet solutions, achieving business goals will be easier. However, without them, the intranet will simply stand in your way to success. Here are the top 10 features of the intranet to help your business prosper. 

1. Direct Messaging 

The intranet is the top choice of many organizations as it enhances employee collaboration and teamwork. It enables communication at all levels through the direct messaging feature. On the one hand, employers and managers can assign work tasks, provide instructions, and give directions. On the other, all employees can chat, share ideas, brainstorm, or even work together on projects. Also, it is the fastest and easiest way to get all the information they need. This feature works well regardless of the company’s size. An effective intranet should have various messaging options. It will allow employees and managers to communicate one-on-one as well as in larger groups. 

2. Data Storage

Another great feature of the intranet is its ability to store large amounts of important data. Thanks to this feature, companies no longer have to keep all their documents solely in print. Employers and employees can upload their files onto the corporate intranet and access them any time anywhere. It is also a great way to reduce paper waste in the workplace. Additionally, using the intranet as a data storage helps reduce time employees normally spend on trying to find necessary information. Now, they can use that time more productively and focus on completing work tasks and projects. 

3. Schedules and Calendars

Small or large business — it doesn’t matter. They both have to be well organized to function properly and make a profit. Employers and managers don’t have to worry about staying organized because the intranet has got them covered. It features a calendar and time tables so all corporate events, meetings, and appointments can be properly scheduled and tracked. Equally important is the ability to connect and sync with employees’ calendars. When managers schedule a meeting or organize an event, employees are promptly notified and reminded. With this feature, there is no room for confusion or misinterpretations. 

4. Employee History and Profiles

An advanced corporate intranet allows employees to create their profiles similar to those on social media. They can include their biographies, professional pictures, previous work experience, current position, etc. in their profiles. Also, their profiles can include all messages they exchanged within the network, as well as the discussions they participated in. This feature allows not only managers but also other employees to find out more about their colleagues’ background. It is especially great for larger organizations. The management can measure employee engagement and the success of the internal communication strategy easier. 

5. Search and Find

As employees use corporate intranet, it becomes harder to navigate through all the content. Not just to navigate but also to find that missing piece of information. With a smart search feature, this no longer has to be a problem. Employees can find what they’re looking for within seconds. However, this can only work out if all content pieces are properly tagged and categorized. Otherwise, the search process will cause frustration among employees. 

6. Individual Workspaces

As previously mentioned, the organization is essential for every business. Intranet enables employers to create individual workspaces for specific teams and departments. There are many advantages to this feature. Departments and team members can discuss projects and assignments among themselves. They can also discuss, brainstorm, share, and store relevant documents. When the intranet is simplified and partitioned, it is much more user friendly and easy to navigate. Therefore, employees will embrace the platform and use it more often. 

7. Corporate Content

Employers are always looking for ways to train and educate their employees. Believe it or not, the intranet can also be used for professional development. It includes a space designated for obligatory or extra reading. This feature enables managers to create and share additional materials or tutorials. They can share it with specific, targeted teams and departments or with all employees. Besides, this function allows them to track their employees’ progress and offer help in case they struggle with shared content. It is a great opportunity for employees to sharpen their skills or acquire new ones. This way they will keep up with the latest advancements in the industry and contribute greatly to the organization. 

8. Creative Outlet

A corporate intranet can also be used as a creative outlet for employees. It can become the place in which employees can share their ideas, exchange knowledge, and come up with problem solutions. Thanks to this concept, employee engagement and collaboration maximizes. When employees work together and express their opinions freely, they produce great ideas. Managers can use these ideas to increase profits and stand out in the market. For this reason, they should strongly encourage the sharing of ideas and provide suitable conditions. 

9. Points and Badgesy

Chances are your business is already a good communit. Why not use the intranet to make it a great one? Points and badges as rewarding tools will engage employees and start a friendly competition. Whatever their achievement or contribution is, employees should be rewarded with a suitable badge. This simple and small act of recognition will make them feel valued and appreciated. Apart from a badge, they can also be given points for every task they complete. Their points and badges can be seen on their profiles and when they collect a certain amount of points they can receive a more valuable reward. This simple system is effective in motivating and encouraging employees in the workplace. 

10. Analytics and Stats

There is no better way to gain insight into employee engagement and their dynamics than through the intranet. Managers can analyze data and statistics and see what type of content employees like, whether they participate in discussions, etc. By analyzing their behavior in the intranet, managers can give the employees the content they need. Also, they can see which aspects need to improve and make adjustments. This is a great feature but only if managers take action and make improvements based on the collected data. 

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