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4 Reasons Your Business Should Use Bulk Bags

Posted by keelie on July 1st, 2020

Effective and safe shipping is vital to your business’s wellbeing. If you can’t confidently rely on your materials making it safely to their final destination then you will always run the risk of losing profits.  Bulk bags are a great way to ensure safe and effective transportation and storage. Here are four of the main reasons why your business should be using bulk bags.

1. Bulk Bags are Strong and Sturdy

When you’re looking for bags to help store and ship your materials, your number one priority should be finding sturdy and reliable options. Bulk bags can be this sturdy and reliable option. Bulk bags are strong, economical, and vary in container design options.
This means that you can get the exact size and shape needed for your product. Finding a bag tailored around your product will only boost your confidence in the safety and wellbeing of said product. This confidence is a must for any company regularly shipping and moving material. 

2. Transport Food Materials

If your business transports food materials, bulk bags should be next on your shopping list. 

These goods are likely to be flakey, granular, or powdery products. The United States alone produces nearly one billion bushels of winter, spring, and durum wheat per season. 

The majority of these goods must be shipped across the country or to other countries. The flexibility and strength of bulk bags make them the ideal option for shipping food goods. This is because they can handle the volume requirements. 

3. The Chemical Industry

If your business deals with hazardous materials, bulk bags should be the only option you are considering. Bulk bags are designed to withstand electric charges and hazardous materials. This makes them the go-to option for any business looking to ship chemical industry goods.

These types of businesses don’t have the luxury of shipping their materials in cheap boxes. Bulk bags will ensure that these materials make it to their destination without harming anybody in the process.  

4. Save Storage Space

One of the biggest, yet overlooked, benefits of bulk bags is that they can save you a ton of storage space. Other shipping methods such as drums and barrels, just sit there, taking up valuable space when not being used. They take up just as much space in your warehouse before fill as they are full. 

Bulk bags collapse when they’re empty. This means the space needed to store unused bulk bags will pale in comparison with the space needed to store unused drums or barrels. Not to mention, boxes and drums must be transported on pallets, which take up additional storage space. 

Is It Time to Consider Bulk Bags?

Regardless of the industry, you’re in, bulk bags are the optimal storage and shipping option. They provide safe and reliable transport while taking up far less storage space than other containers. Making the switch to bulk bags can help save your business money in the long run. 

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