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Posted by AmandaTom on March 9th, 2013

Unlike Fargo DTC1000, Fargo DTC4000 is specifically designed to serve large companies or organizations. Due to its strengthened security and detailed information, it will actually satisfy the needs of large organization than smaller printers meant for medium and small businesses. The primary purpose of creating these printers was not only to significantly increase its compatibility, intuitive use or flexibility but also achieve the goal of using technologically advanced encoders. Research undertaken clearly displays DTC4000 as an upgraded encoder which contains several encoding alternatives, small-sized and above all they are portable. Additionally, printers meant for large companies come with tight security, create more professional working environment and have several encoding alternatives.

Focusing on customizing and upgrading Fargo DTC4000, the encoders are highly customable and can be easily upgraded.  Like Fargo DTC1000, printers for large companies can be customized such they print either one side or both, add high magnetic stripe, insert either contact or contactless modes and many other features. Another great innovation is the compatibility with Ethernet. By using standard window as well as the configuration tab, one can successfully complete configuration process.  After installing this encoder, the operator will use configuration tab to set either dual or single sided printing option. It clearly indicates that several features available qualify to satisfy requirements of many companies out there like the banks, hospitals, businesses, administrative organs and even legal institutions.

Touching on professional compatibility, Fargo DTC4000 is designed to perfectly fit various offices and institutions. They possess features that are required for creating professional environment. For one side printing specs are actually eighty pounds at 9.8, 17.6, or 10 inches meaning that they will fit many offices. Regarding to Fargo DTC1000, its features are not different than one meaning that it completely satisfy small organizations.  As much as these Fargo encoders can fit various offices, considering the location of your encoder is a necessary. Like any other machine, the printers should be fixed where there is enough circulating air in order to eradicate internal heating problems.

Despite that Fargo DTC4000 are small, do not install it where there a source of heat. Again, the encoder should be used by several people when its covers are opened for entrance of sufficient air. For instance, avoiding placing the printers in areas like windows where they can directly expose to sunrays.  Furthermore, locating Fargo DTC1000 printers where dust and other dirtiness accumulate fast will slowly damage it. The printers might also be affected negatively if they are moved either from high temperatures to cold or from cold to warm. In case there is a sudden need of moving the printers, first unplug them and wait for time before starting the operation. It is a nice way of maintaining quality printing.

Considering the security options available for Fargo DTC1000, the security system includes the provision of password before using it; this prevents unauthorized people from using it. For further security, it contains ultraviolet layer which takes care of physical appearance of the printed card. In general, the printers require proper maintenance when using them.

You might decide to learn more on Fargo DTC4000 and why these printers are important. The information gained on Fargo DTC4000 is very important.

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