The Bronies: The Pride of the Great Land of Equestria

Posted by GiulyRotarry on March 10th, 2013

I can still remember watching episodes of Brony, “My Little Pony” when she was just a tiny little girl. Those were special times for us. Though it was just a cartoon, it taught valuable lessons about life, love, and friendship.  Little did I know that a group of guys lovingly known as “Bronies” would come to love it as much as my daughter?

My Little Pony was created initially as a toy by Hasbro back in 1983, and eventually evolved into a conglomerate of toys, books, a cartoon series, and fans from all around the world. It was understood and actually expected that little girls would fall in love with sweet characters. They were beautiful, with long silky manes of pink and blue, big eyes, and strong powerful legs. They lived in a magical kingdom known as the great land of Equestria. They believed in being kind and compassionate, and helping others was not an option. People soon fell in love with these enchanting characters and the rest is history.

As the popularity of the internet grew, so did the popularity of the ponies. The cartoon was well received on the internet and its following was expanding quickly. Surprisingly a male following was developing across the globe. The cartoon itself possessed elements and characteristics that appealed to guys as well as girls. There was the storyline that included more than simple girl-type images and episodes. The animation was awesome and the artistry was colourful and attractive. It was full of fun and humours that parents who once watched only with their children soon fell in love with.

As the group of male fans grew feeling accepted was not an issue. Soon, male fans were known as “bronies”, a moniker created by combining “bro” for brother and “pony”. This group has had a tremendous influence on the growth and expansion of the “My Little Pony” culture and movement. The well-known MLP series is all about inclusion and acceptance. It just strives to put this across by means of the playful tricks of a wide array of characters. There are hundreds of internet sites where one can watch cartoon episodes, play games, visit the great land of Equestria, and more.

The group has become such a large part of the movement that there is even a commemorative coin that celebrates the bronies. It is called the Original Brony Collector Coin and is minted by the Royal Equestrian Mint and is the currency of the Great Land of Equestria. Each coin comes with its own signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. There are a limited number available and are expected to go very quickly. This is a great tribute to a group that no one was expecting, the bronies.

Therefore, to all the guys out there who have been in love with Brony, “My Little Pony” in secret for years, it is time to let your love be known. You are not alone!

To learn more about the Limited Edition Original Brony Collector Coin and understand what are Bronies, visit their website.

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