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Posted by AmandaTom on March 11th, 2013

Something is happening with the market right now. It’s about the iPhone fever which swept the globe. Everybody is buying an iPhone, 4, 4S or 5, it doesn’t matter. If you want to buy an iPhone 5 Case, maybe you should first understand what is happening.

Apple company has reached a very high level by the genius of Steve Jobs, but he was only the symbol of the advent of the technology in the beginning of the 21th century. Here, the utmost presence of the commercial aspect combined with the technology, and in this way millions of people around the world managed to buy an iPhone or an iPhone 4 Case. You could be the next buyer, but now let me tell you how this has happened.

The birth of internet came for military purposes after the World War 2 and in the context of the Cold War. Nobody could calculate then the amount of data which will be passed to millions and billions of people today. But that happened in a climate of peace and tolerance. War didn’t produce technology for people, war produced technology against people. And this is the first lesson which an iPhone 5 Case buyer should know.

From the big machines which occupied a whole building, with hard-disks that could be hardly carried by a few men, we are here, in the 21th century, when we use mobile phones, such as the brilliant iPhone, just like they were toys in the hands of some babies. We don’t care anymore for the years of technological advancement that made it possible. We just enjoy the moment and we know that even more is still to come.

Maybe today is everybody’s chance to buy an iPhone 4 Case. It’s no room for morality here. You see it, and you want it. Because it is small, it protects your iPhone and comes in very handy. You have images on it, you customize it the way you want. It makes you distinct and powerful. It makes you one who stands out from the crowd. You have an iPhone! And this is a very pretty thing.

One would wonder if Steve Jobs was right. Or if Galilei, Newton and Einstein were right. This is the society they prophesied. With no boundaries whatsoever. No limits in communication and in interactivity one with another. It’s time for an iPhone 4 Case. It’s our right to do it. And remember, they didn’t want just profit. They were creators, not mere capitalists going to be rich. And, if you want, they gave us a lesson about how to become rich. Rich in sense of creativeness, not of competitiveness.

Because creativity, in sense of giving value to others more than taking from them in terms of money, has won. This is the future of the economy. Give technology, bring value in the pockets of people and in their homes. They will pay, but a smaller price considering the amount of years which made it possible to arrive at this stage. It’s time to be happy with how far we have achieved. It’s time for an iPhone.

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