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Posted by AmandaTom on March 11th, 2013

This is a short article about what technology could bring in the future. It may sound science-fiction, but it is not. And it all starts with a Cute iPhone 5 Case.

If one reads Hegel or Emerson, like I did, he or she may understand the following: that there is a thinking substance, an intelligent substance, from which all has been made, and which, in its initial state, permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of the Universe. If we, people, create a thing in our thought, and bring this thing to the formless substance, then the thing which was thought comes into existence.

This thinking substance is God. He or she is seeking fulfillment in every human being. So, imagine, she wants us to be wealthy, she wants us to create and feel love for everybody. Now, with a Cute iPhone 4 Case, we can access technology that creates a sphere of uniqueness. Every moment when we speak with somebody at the phone is unique and therefore it is a system with fewer rules and more possibilities.

Every moment is a part of a fractal. What radiates from the infinite center is the essence, or the thinking substance. We are to arrive at that center when all the possibilities of this world would be exhausted. It means never. Fractals means fracture, a moment in time being seen as fractured from another moment. The uniqueness of the present moment. Or, how Eckhart Tolle would say it, the power of now!

There can be a Cute iPhone 4 Case for every moment, but this would make for a million of cases. Joking a bit, we might say that Bill Gates could afford a million cases, but he wouldn’t have the time to change them. But it is something for every moment: our life. Our life is composed from events, or from important or less important moments. If the event is powerful, our life becomes touched by it, impressed. Our life is fulfilled by every impression, by every creative thought, by every inspiration that an iPhone could bring.

Want to buy a Cute iPhone 4 Case? Just search over the internet. But, more important than this, will you be able to grasp the formless substance with your thoughts? When we talk, we don’t write, so words are flying, passing away. This also happens when we speak over the phone. We are distant one from another, but brought by endless substance together. In this substance everything is possible: touching, hoping, believing in an ideal, the communion between minds and souls.

A Cute iPhone 5 Case could bring us the truth. The truth means entering the formless substance, from which all things originated, together. Together is the word for uniqueness. Being together, they were one. This is all about philosophy that I can understand. Being together, in peace and harmony with the others. All of this can be brought by an iPhone. Let’s find what is best for you and me. Let’s find it now!

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