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Posted by AmandaTom on March 11th, 2013

I shall talk now about uniqueness, about personality and identity. This is an article about the common iPhone 5 Case, which has become very popular. I will try to see it in psychological terms and put it in another light.

What can be said about uniqueness? Theoretically, it’s the viewpoint that everything has its part of uniqueness, and other parts common with other things. In the human being, uniqueness is the essence, or the existence, because nothing in our existence, in the world, when we act, cannot happen without the vision of the essence. So our essence has an important role when we buy an iPhone 4 Case, for example.

An iPhone 4 Case stands for vision. Ourselves, we project an image of our identity, saying about us: This is me, as people consider me. This is me in the world. And this me needs a support for its identity. Sometimes, people buy iPhones to fulfill this need. Sometimes, they act foolishly or become violent, to show other what they are and how they can behave. But, if you listen your true vision, you would not become violent.

Is in the human nature to have something that is highly appreciated. We are going forward with the wish to have beautiful and rare things. We share the beautiful and rare moments when we are together, and we also share the things that bring us together. An iPhone 4 Case means together, this is the definition of this element. So, beginning from uniqueness, we tend to approach others, diminishing somehow our uniqueness. But, after we speak with them over the phone, see them online or so on, our uniqueness comes again in form of what is together.

Somewhere in the Bible it is said that when the Kingdom will come, from two people who will sit together, one will be taken with God and the other cast away. This only means that the two will become an uniqueness and they will come to God being together, and the rest remains for the devil: it’s the part of us that didn’t want to unify with the all, with the formless substance. That part is being cast away.

An iPhone 5 Case symbolizes power and joy. It’s the power to be in control and the joy to be together. We cannot be together unless we are in control of our lives. Unless we are protected, and unless we feel protected by something that surrounds us and it is in us. So, we live in an era where technology can bring us together. We are fortunate. Hundreds of years were necessary for the civilization to evolve until now.

In the end, I can say only this: let’s buy an iPhone, together with a great case. Let’s find joy in being together in communication, in essence as well as in existence. Let’s find true love and uniqueness in every act. Just search now for a case over the internet and you will find many offers. Choose what suits you best. Don’t let the time pass!

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