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Posted by EmergencyDental on March 11th, 2013

When plaque and bacteria eat into the tooth enamel, the pulp, the sensitive inner part of the tooth may get exposed. One feels a sharp twinge of pain when this sensitive pulp comes into contact with hot, cold or sweet foods. There are no home remedies for severe toothaches, but one can take measures to relieve this pain temporarily. For a more permanent solution, it is advisable to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Rinsing the mouth with warm water or salty water helps to remove food particles that were stuck in between the teeth which may have been irritating a decaying tooth. Floss gently to remove more irritating food particles, allowing the pain to subside.


Oral antiseptics which contain benzocaine may also relieve the pain temporarily. It is better to apply it before flossing, rinsing or brushing. If you do not observe the daily hygiene actions due to pain, the decay will continue to worsen in time.


Over the counter medication such as acetaminophenor ibuprofen will help to relieve the pain and always be sure to follow the limits on the dosage as directed by the manufacturer. These pills offer temporary relief,untilyou can visit a dentist.


Clove oil, also known as eugenol was used as anesthetic in the past and is commonly used in dental fillings and cement due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. To use it as a pain reliever, dip a cotton swab in some clove oil and then hold it against where it hurts.


At times food particles get lodged below the gum line causing severe pain. Foods like popcorn have unbreakable fibers that just sit and start to decay resulting in pain and infection. Inspecting the gum area carefully, you will be able to locate the food particle that neither brushing nor rinsing can remove, except for a toothpick tip which may pull out the pesky food particle.


As with common injuries, icing the source of pain may relieve the pain considerably. Hold an icepack against the source of the pain for at least 10 minutes with the low temperatures reducing inflammation and numbing away the pain.


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