Four smart link building techniques to gain exposure for your website

Posted by bradhughes on March 11th, 2013

SEO relies heavily on quality link building, a process by which backlinks can be established to a site from another to create a network for the visitors. The reason why link building is so popular is because it draws leads from different popular sites, which amount of an improved traffic rate. If the search engine trends are to be followed, it can be noticed that search giants like Google and Yahoo prefer crawling the sites that have quality backlinks from many different sites. Smart link building techniques can help your site get a high ranking in Google and other important search engine listing by proving that the site is worthy and genuine.

Since link building is simply the way of acquiring links from other sites, it does not involve too much of a complication.  Here are some smart techniques of increasing backlinks to your site to make a noticeable difference to the traffic volume of your site.

Content Marketing:

Quality content is and will always be valued over the World Wide Web. Perhaps the best mode of marketing, it is extremely useful in gaining prominence in the Web among your competitors. Freshly written quality blogs published in highly-praised media outlets can have positive effects on your website. Publish well-written articles in different influential sites to get them read by the interested audiences so that other business owners propose to syndicate with your.

Online Commenting:

One of the other smart link building techniques is to post comments on blogs, articles and other relevant posts that you come by in the Web. It is advantageous because you can push your website’s link at the end of the comment so that other readers can find you easily. One of most popular strategy adopted for corporate branding, this strategy is applicable only when you have chosen a platform where a large volume of visitors is active.

Marketing Channels:

When you have posted a captivating article online, it is worth nothing if you haven’t marketed it well. The way to do this is to share them in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others that are a popular ground for young as well as elderly people. All you need is to post the link in your website page in these websites and let the followers go through them and improve visitors to your site. It is the best way to reach out to an entire community of the people without investing on marketing techniques that eventually leads to traffic multiplication.

Internal Links:

Last but not the least, the internal links can work wonders in improving the visibility of your site. It is the process in which one crosses links between their own blogs and business websites. Though one should not expect dramatic changes from links from internal pages, it will still have positive impacts on the click-through functions of your site. The technique is pertinent for e-commerce sites.

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