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Posted by samuelperth on March 11th, 2013

A sonogram technician is also known as a sonographer, operating with special equipment that uses sound waves. Such medical staff usually come in contact with physicians and patients and they can specialise in various domains, such as cardiac sonography, obstetric sonography, abdominal and breast sonography and more. There is an increased need in sonogram tec, due to the high technological advances and medical requirements. Most of technicians work in hospitals, care centres and diagnosis laboratories.

Just like many doctors and medical staff in health care, a sonogram technician works full time and he/she might be needed in weekends, in the evenings or during the nights. In order to become a sonogram tec, one must follow certain courses of action and degree programs to obtain a degree in the field. Two years are required to complete the degree program and usually, four years is the bachelor degree program. For those who are already in the health care system, they can simply enrol in a program that lasts one year and learn more about the field. There are cases in which employers will provide training for workers experienced in the health care field.

It is always recommended to follow accredited programs, as most employers prefer to hire such specialists. During the formation training, one can expect to take courses in specialised areas, such as medical ethics, anatomy, patient care, general physics and undergo clinical training under supervision. Although a sonogram technician is not a licensed occupation, employers will hire personnel who meet certain requirements, like a certification from a credential organization and preferable working experience. For earning the credential, an exam must be taken, combining education and experience in the field.

Just like any other career, there are certain characteristics that make a person well suited for the sonogram tec profession. As such a person will come in direct contact with patients, good interpersonal skills are required. More than that, the sonogram technician must also have a very good hand-eye coordination, be oriented towards details and a good physical condition. This is because there are situations in which the technician needs to lift patients and spend a lot of the time at work standing.

With continuous training and specialities, there are opportunities to advance in the field and reach managerial and administrative positions. It seems that the growth in the field will be faster throughout the years, as the ultrasound technician occupation is expected to grow faster than others. Other duties of the sonogram tec may include activities such as: evaluating the equipment purchased, maintaining the equipment, keeping records about the patients, prepare the work schedule and manage the sonography department.

A typical day for an ultrasound technician includes selecting the right equipment and indicating patients how to position themselves in order to obtain the best image. Also, choosing the right images to show to the physician and transmitting the waves in order to see visual cues on the screen. This helps at making the difference between the healthy areas from the unhealthy ones. The patients also need explanations on the subject and in most cases, it is required to calculate values and to analyze the results.

If you are interested in finding more about the sonogram technician profession, you can always look for more information online. A  sonogram tec can have a satisfying career and a very good future prospective.

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