The Main Benefits Of Using A Hosted Desktop

Posted by AmandaTom on March 11th, 2013

It is completely true that the hosted desktop just appeared on the market but it is growing in popularity at a really high pace. This is mainly due to the simplicity and easiness of use offered. We are faced with a straightforward concept: all the emails, applications and data stored on one server that can be accessed from anywhere around the world. Every single PC user can get an online desktop and access it from smartphones, laptops or basically any device that can connect to the internet. You gain some pretty interesting benefits when doing so.

For starters, the biggest benefit is that you save quite a lot of money when using an online desktop. Nowadays we are faced with a strong recession so we have to keep costs as low as possible. Using this hosted online PC desktop system makes you avoid the obligation of buying really powerful hardware, maintaining many workstations, a server and even hiring support teams that are technically proficient. Everything is basically handled by your service provider and your finances are not affected that much.

The second advantage of using an online desktop is the security offered by this data storage medium. We all know how important data security is since the internet is basically filled with worms and viruses. Using hosted online services will offer you high security and a guarantee that your data is not stolen by anyone. All your information will be protected by antivirus software and firewalls, with data transfers being encrypted.

We should also know that hosted desktop solutions come with disaster recovery features. This basically means that your data is backed up constantly and even if something bad happens, you will never lose the data that is stored. You no longer have to worry about faulty equipment or anything bad happening to your data. If something bad happens, a very recent backup is restored.

Another very useful benefit of using an online desktop solution is flexibility. The data is stored on a central server and both you and the employees can easily access everything through a web interface from any part of the world. Your business operation will never be affected by natural calamities since data is stored in different geographical locations. You can even gain a lot from the fact that you can easily outsource part of the work.

Keep in mind that these are just the main advantages of using a hosted desktop solution. You should seriously consider this due to the fact that the desktop will offer a significant business leverage that is perfect due to the competitive nature of the business world. You are offered peace of mind and the security is almost impenetrable. The business data is kept safe at all times and you will never lose one byte of information. Just make sure that you stay focused on locating a really good provider that offers a service that is perfect for your needs. Look at the features offered, check what your business needs and then make a decision based on these factors as being the most important ones.

Those looking for a great online desktop should seriously consider using high quality hosted desktop solutions. They save you money and help you out a lot.

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