Important tips for selling properties with tenants.

Posted by audreytaylor on March 12th, 2013

Selling or buying, renting or leasing all these are operations that require attention and also a little bit of expertise. In this context, selling properties with tenants turns out to be a trick operation that requires specific knowledge on current legislation and experience in handling delicate issues such as this one. If you have a property with a sitting tenant it is advisable to look for a company specialised in this type of services. The advantages are many: high prices, low legal fees, respected deadlines, no mortgage evaluation requested and so on. For knowing more on the subject, you can take a look at the FAQ of such a company and see the exact benefits.

Due to complicated real estate legislation, selling properties with tenants is not always a smooth procedure. It takes time and specific knowledge on this matter but also patience to screen the market. A sitting tenant implies further complications in the selling process. Protected by various acts, this category of tenants cannot be evicted so the sale contract should clearly respect their rights.  The buyer, the new owner must be fully aware of all the obligations imposed by this situation.

Given the complexity of the situation, it is advisable to look for a firm specialised in selling properties with tenants. The expert staff of these companies will handle each step of the procedures. They request all the certificates, such as gas safety inspection certificate or the energy performance certificate, searching in the same time the property in the databases of the Land Authority. Basically, the firm will manage each step in the sale, leaving very little things in your responsibility.

In most cases, such firms offer very good prices. Considering the fact that there is such a tenancy included in the contract, it is very difficult to find a good deal. Besides offering the same respect to your tenants, they also offer a good purchase price. Not to mention that also legal fees will be rather low. So, you save not only time but also money.

Another important issue is confidentiality. It is entirely up to you to decide whether the sitting tenant should know or not about the sale that is going on. Many people choose to inform the tenants at the end. However, nothing happens if you decide to do otherwise. What is important is that you understand that selling properties with tenants must guarantee the same rights for the sitting tenant.

So, as you can see, there are many little important details to consider. For this reason, the advice is to seek professional assistance. Also, keep in mind the benefits of working with such a company: a convenient price, low legal fees, close deadlines, complete transparency and so on. After all, if you want a clean and quick sale, working with specialists is the best thing you could think of.

For further information on terms and conditions, please visit selling properties with tenants. The site sitting tenant provides details on specific procedures, legal terms and other aspects regarding the sale.

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