Ensure Longevity of School Furniture Through Everyday Maintenance

Posted by Abaxkingfisherau on July 2nd, 2020

Clean and well-maintained classroom furniture contribute greatly to a respectful and orderly classroom environment. Furniture which remains in use despite being damaged, stained or scratched can convey a negative impression to students and parents, which can also be distracting to learning outcomes. Here are some ways to ensure that school furniture remains pristine and lasts for years of heavy classroom use.

Classroom chairs are designed to be moved around and withstand a great deal of wear-and-tear. They are made from a sturdy, lightweight plastic called polypropylene, which easily holds shape and is resistant to cracking or splintering. Cleaning polypropylene chairs is easily done since the material is not easily stained – most liquid spills such as juice, liquid paper or pen ink are removed with a damp cloth and a weak solvent. It is good to consider investing in higher quality chairs, as these tend to have more robust connections between the seat and the legs, and can withstand greater amounts of stress without risk of the leg or back bending or breaking. Students should be instructed to avoid rocking or leaning too far back on chairs, as over time this can cause the chair’s shape to warp.

Tables and other wooden furniture in the classroom are often finished with a stain-resistant coating called melamine. Cleaning melamine surfaces is similar to polypropylene chairs, as the coating is also relatively stain resistant. A damp cloth with a small amount of weak solvent is enough, and for tougher stains, it is better to leave the cloth in contact with the stain for a few minutes to let the marking dissolve. Vigorous scrubbing, particularly with abrasive tools such as scours or harsh chemical cleaners, should be avoided as this can damage the melamine coating, after which the wooden surface is more susceptible to scratches and stains.

Maintenance of leather or fabric upholstery should be treated with more care, and in most cases these items should be kept away from areas heavily used by students. Stains from food or drink are harder to clean off fabric or leather, particularly when they have dried. For fabric surfaces, water and stain-remover should be applied to the spill and dried quickly, to prevent rings from forming. For leather, the stain should be wiped off and care should especially be taken not to scrub or abrade the surface. Students should be careful of jewellery, belts, or other loose hanging plastic or metal as this could easily perforate leather or fabric surfaces.

If students are instructed on how to clean and show respect for their classroom furniture, it is easier to maintain a respectful and organised environment that is conducive to learning. Classroom equipment which already shows signs of disrepair are more likely targets for students to intentionally damage, so it is better to invest in higher quality furniture that is built to withstand long-term use. The Abax Kingfisher range offers a ten-year warranty and a sturdier design to ensure that it maintains its quality across years of classroom use.


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