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Posted by sarahcoolen on March 13th, 2013

    Everyone wants to be tanned, because it surely gives the skin a certain glow and it makes it look a lot better, no matter the season. But it is known that not all tanning solutions are healthy for the skin. One that proves to be more and more popular and frequently used is spray tanning. This is because it is a safe measure, there are no harmful rays that attacks the skin and one can choose the tone of the tan. Before going for the procedure and to make things as clear as possible, there are a few useful spray tanning tips that can come in handy.

   Perhaps many think of spray tanning as an inefficient method, because they think after the procedure, they will end up looking orange or streaky. It is not the case, because nowadays the products are better, more professional and evolved. The thing that counts the most is finding a salon that has high-quality products, preferable organic and equipment that will spray the body evenly. Going to a salon for spray tanning is more efficient, because the staff knows exactly how to match the right solution to the tone of your skin.

   It is better to read out spray tanning tips, so you can know exactly what to expect and what will result after the tanning process. The duration of the tan lasts around 5 to 7 days, but this depends from case to case. The color will fade away naturally, along with the layer of dead skin cells. But there are ways to increase the duration and to make the most out of the tan. This includes being shaved before the spray tanning session and not take a shower right after. There are even products that can take care of the tan, making it look just like the real thing.

   The duration of the tanning process takes around 15 minutes, more or less. A better preparation is always recommended ahead. Some few spray tanning tips to make sure the spray will catch on include a full body exfoliation a day before. Also, it is best to avoid perfumes and deodorants, as these can prevent absorption of the solution and on the day of the tan, do not use any moisturizers. This is because they can act as a barrier. What intrigues many people is if the solutions and the procedures are safe. Actually, they are considered to be among the safest, compared to exposure to harmful UVA/UVB rays.

   There is always the possibility to ask the salon what kind of products they are using and if the ingredients are organic. This means they will not harm the skin in any manner and unlike sun tanning, they will not lead to premature old skin. More than that, you don’t have to think that after the tanning session you will look entirely black. The shade of the skin afterwards depends on the skin type each person has and on the strength of the solutions. To maintain that nice, dark tan color, regular tan sessions help greatly.

   If you don’t like sitting in the sun or you want to get tanned and have a glowing skin in a short period of time, consider  spray tanning   . Following some useful spray tanning tips    will make sure your skin will look amazing and will not be harmed in any way.

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