Abundance of HR Jobs in India

Posted by michaelpage on March 13th, 2013

Human Resource Management (HRM or simply HR) is the group of individuals that manage and oversee the human resources of a company. In today’s economic climate, in a developing country like India where cheap labour is available in abundance, there is a great demand for the corresponding HR to manage this immense workforce.

As a result of the rapid economic development, with companies growing bigger and owing to mergers and acquisitions, the amount of labour employed by individual companies is increasing. This manpower is managed by the HR professionals who serve as a bridge between the owners/board of directors and the workforce, smoothing out any potential problems between the two, and also helping both sides reach a reasonable compromise in case of any disputes.

Apart from diplomacy, HR professionals also must necessarily have great communication skills, and the availability of cheap training in India is one of the reasons for the boom in the people pursuing this profession. Moreover, HR is needed in all companies that have a sizeable workforce irrespective of their field, which ensures that the demand for HR remains high. According to a recent study, the current demand for HR professionals in India exceeds its supply by almost 1, 00,000! This surplus of demand over supply has two-fold consequences : not only are there enough jobs available to attract people to take up the profession, the excess demand also drives up their remuneration, which makes this ever-growing domain a highly rewarding one. There are numerous HR jobs in Mumbai, Delhi and Gurgaon and also in many other places which one can explore and grab the best for themselves.

In a developing economy like India, the demand for HR will continue to rise, and exceed its supply, as it is not a field-dependent profession, so that even if our economy, or certain sectors thereof, undergoes a recession, the demand for HR ought to remain high.

While finding the HR jobs that suit your skill and pays you what you deserve it is important to search online. There are some websites where you will find high paying HR jobs in India and you can choose the jobs according to your skill and preference. Search for such a job and begin your career with a bang.

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