No Home Renovation is Complete without the Installation of a Water Softener

Posted by commercialwater on March 13th, 2013

If you have started a renovation project on your home or you are thinking about doing one in the near future, it’s best to budget for a brand new water softener system. If not, once the project is completed you will realise that all that hard work and money you spent renovating your bathrooms and kitchen will not be as good as they could have been because of the potential for hard water damage to your new stainless steel kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Limescale can build up in your new shower and stain the bottom of your toilets.

It’s estimated that almost 70% of homes in the UK suffer from hard water, which can have an effect on your plumbing, drinking water, washing machine, and other appliances which require the frequent use of water. By installing a brand new water softener in your home when you are doing your home renovations, you will ensure that all of your new purchases will be protected from the harmful hard water that causes these damages.

Benefits of Installing a New Water Softener

The only way to prevent limescale buildup in your home will be through either a salt-based water softener system or through an lime neutralising system like the Aquabion. The Aquabion system works by neutralising the lime so that limescale isn’t formed, which is a lot simplier than other salt based systems on the market today. Not only will this prevent limescale build up in your home, but it will also improve your skin and hair conditioning as well.

Save Money by Installing a New Water Softener

By choosing to install a new water softener now you will end up saving a lot of money long term. Some of the benefits include better production of some appliances because of the reduced amount of scale that it built up on the heating elements. You can also expect less maintenance issues with appliances like dishwashers and washing machines because of less lime scale build up. You will use up to 50% less cleaning products like laundry detergent and soap to get your clothes and your body clean. You will also be doing the planet a huge favor as well!

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This article was written by James Ridout, who is also accociated with Commercial Water Softener. Commerical Water Softener has operated throughout the UK since 2010. They use a patented technology to protect commercial buildings from the damaging effects of limescale.Limescale causes £3 billion worth of damage to commercial and domestic buildings each year.

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