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Posted by maryparker on March 13th, 2013 offers many products from car sun shades to wind deflectors in various patterns and styles. These include kid themes, roller blinds, and normal shades with UVA protection. Rockshore also offers lighting, mirrors, racks and cleaning instruments to name a few products that consumers frequently buy. 

Rockshore offers many products that consumers buy for their cars, which range from electronics chargers and accessories to more fuel efficiency needs. They include a range of customisation from decals to covers for just about any need you would have for the car.  Rockshore also sells bodywork protectors for those pesky people who leave their shopping carts by your car. They sell exhaust supplies as well for those of you who have mufflers that are either noisy or getting old and need to be replaced. The site also offers tips to help exhaustion problems from developing.

One of the cool things that Rockshore sells is a wind deflector.The wind deflectors made by Climair are not only easy to fit, they come tinted and are also extremely useful in many ways. One of the ways in which they are of great help is the way in which they allow the anti-trap devices in the windows and doors to still function properly while it is installed and in use by the car.  This is particularly useful if you have children or pets in the car as their fingers, hands or paws do not get trapped inside the windows or doors of the vehicles. The wind deflectors also allow the vehicle to keep cool in the summer without using air conditioning. This then helps fuel efficiency since the air conditioning systems use up fuel to function.  It also allows your pets to travel comfortably in the vehicle without having a rush of colder air come from the vents in the car and freezing them.

The wind deflectors also filter the air more efficiently so if you smoke in the car it is more quickly and effectively eliminated inside of the car.  That allows all passengers to enjoy a better quality of air inside the cabin of the car or van.  The same feature also prevents condensation and misting of the windows during the humid months and foggy weather.

Sunshades keep your car cool and your passengers from sweating when first entering the vehicle.  They are very useful to have around to block out UVA rays as well that can damage the interior of your automobile. The sunshades also prevent theft of your belongings in your vehicle by blocking out unwanted prying eyes from seeing your valuables inside.  This occurs because of the design or the colour of the sunshades, which are not see-through from the other side of the car. Car sun shades for sale by Rockshore come in various styles and designs.  The sun shades range from the basic black or stick on layers to the double sided roller style of sun shade.  The car shades come in many different themes from the movie Cars to a basic midnight or Limo Black colour. 

Check out for all your car needs today including wind deflectors and car sun shades.

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