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Posted by samuelperth on March 14th, 2013

Your child’s birthday is just around the corner and you’re thinking about having a party? If you want to offer a nice surprise to your baby and to make his or her friends have a good time, you have to think of something special. As you probably already know, thematic parties are the most desired and loved by children. Every child has a favourite theme, related to a toy or a cartoon character. Sometimes we try to adapt a party to a certain theme, such as a party with pirates, princesses or fairies, with Indians and dinosaurs, and more. These parties are great fun for both children and parents and the right choice of party supplies really makes the difference.

Let’s take a specific example and suppose that your child wishes to have a Peppa pig party. The first thing that gives the guests a clue about the theme of the party is the invitation. Its role is not only to give information about the time and location of the event, but also to offer a few pointers on what to expect in terms of style and theme.

Decorating the space where the party will take place can be a good idea because it gives a festive look and creates a "party atmosphere". Balloons are a great idea and helium-filled balloons are very popular at these events, but not for spaces with ceilings too high. I suggest you make sure there are enough balloons for everyone and that the strings are long enough to be recovered if they "fly away". For a Peppa pig party you can buy different types of balloons, of various shapes and sizes with the characters from the cartoon.

At parties children don’t usually eat too much. If you hope to impress kids by arranging a festive table and expect them to stay still and enjoy the food, you will be very disappointed. But that does not mean you should not pay attention to details, because children are more excited at the sight of the plates, of the cups and of the cutlery than the idea of eating. At the same time make sure you have plenty of healthy drinks and water because, after all the playing and running back and forth, children will be very, very thirsty. Don’t forget about the birthday cake and the candles which have to be related to the theme of the Peppa pig party. Some parents offer the children party sets with paper hats, paper glasses and noisy trumpets just before the arrival of the cake, in order to make the moment even more special.

If you don’t know where to find all these party supplies you can try the specialized online shops. They provide a great variety of ideas that could make your party a great success. After you decide exactly what you want to buy, you just wait for the package to be delivered.

If you follow the above indications and advice on how to organise a Peppa pig party and what party supplies to use, the children will most definitely have the time of their lives.

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