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Posted by RaynaJess on March 14th, 2013

Melbourne is among the top cities in the world to live in. It has consistently ranked high in the list of most liveable cities. But there is a slight problem with this fame. As Melbourne has become more and more famous the cost of living in the city has also gone up. Hotel rates in Melbourne are much higher than most of the other parts of the country. But where you can save a lot of money on short stay is in rented accommodation Melbourne. And if you want to enjoy Melbourne the most then you should book your stay in one of the Southbank apartments.

Although Southbank is considered a suburb of Melbourne what makes it a perfect place to stay for corporate travellers is the fact that it is just a kilometre from the Central Business District of the city. The development of the area started as part of the urban renewal program in the early 1990s and before that it was just an industrial area. Now it is among the most densely populated districts of Melbourne and boasts of some of the best offices and apartment buildings of Melbourne.

But Southbank is not just about offices and apartment buildings. There are a lot of heritage sites in this area and it is a rather nice neighbourhood to live in. The National Gallery of Victoria and the Malthouse Theatre are situated in the Southbank district. There are parks and clean roads and all that you need to feel nice about a place. Many executives that come to Melbourne for business prefer Southbank apartments because they are always close to the action of the city. Southbank is fantastic because it in the heart of the commercial activity of Melbourne; Southbank is fantastic because it has some of the best accommodation Melbourne options and Southbank is fantastic because for someone outside of the city there are all amenities available here.

One of the great things about accommodation Melbourne at Southbank is the price that you pay for the apartments. Consider the cost of staying in a good hotel in Melbourne and compare it with the cost of one of the top Southbank apartments and you will immediately see the difference. We are not talking about saving a few dollars here. We are talking about getting 50% more space for 40% less cost. Can you imagine what kind of benefit we are looking at here?

But finding Southbank apartments can be a challenge if you haven’t planned in advance. Melbourne is the most important city in Australia and attracts corporate travellers every day and month. And since Southbank is such an attractive option for short stay many of these travellers book their accommodation Melbourne here. The prudent thing to do is to go online, look at some of the best apartments for rent in Southbank and book before you leave for the city. This will ensure that you don’t need to spend a night at a seedy hotel or pay through your nose in a decent hotel.

Looking for the best accommodation Melbourne? The first thing you should look at is the list of Southbank apartments.

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