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Posted by NYCrobotics on March 15th, 2013

Prostate cancer is an alarming disease which originates in the prostate gland which is found in a men’s reproductive system. Usually, it is common among man over 75 years, and this form of cancer is rarely found in younger men. The cancer can be detected through a few symptoms apart from the usual medical diagnosis.

Men detected with prostate cancer usually have the quarry about full recovery from the ailment. Moreover, they are also concerned about the normal functioning of their body parts like a bowel movement, urinary glands as well as sexual functions after their treatment. To ensure the best treatment to prostate patients, there are many medical institutions that have the best doctors and surgeons to cure prostate cancer.

The prostate cancer institute’s have the latest new era surgical technologies. The surgeons are experienced and have complete knowledge to perform laparoscopic surgery which is one of the most successful cancer treatment methods. The prostate cancer institute’s also have facilities to conduct robotic surgery, which ensures more precision and dexterity of a prostate surgery. The use of 3-D technology enables surgeons to perform surgical task with unrestricted access and accuracy.

The urologic oncologists are the surgeons who perform the prostate cancer surgery. The prostate cancer institutes in New York have the best of these kinds of surgeons who have successfully cured several patients. The hospitals also have an extremely experienced support team who assist the surgeons who perform the crucial surgeries. The use of robotic surgery for prostate cancer is very beneficial for the patient. Apart from killing the cancer, this form of surgery also causes less damage to the nerves which perform the erectile function. The prostate cancer institute surgeons have carried out an extensive study in this field and have come up with solutions for quick restore urinary mechanism and reduction of pain and discomfort after surgery.

There are several websites through which you can get to know about the best procedure of the surgery and different benefits associated with it. These websites often drives you to the best of surgeons in this regard. So browse through the web and find yourself the best treatment for a long life.

About the Authors:

Dr. Ash Tewari is an internationally acclaimed board-certified urologist in NYC, researcher and innovator in the field of robotic prostate cancer surgery. He has performed over 4,500 cases. Since his appointment as Director of Robotic Prostatectomy in 2004, he has performed over 3,500 robotic prostatectomy. The Weill Cornell Advanced Robotic Technique (ART™) of prostatectomy, standardized by Dr. Ash Tewari, utilizes an anatomic approach to surgery and does not involve the use of any thermal (heat) energy that could damage important nerves that control urinary and sexual functioning.

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