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The Benefits Of Playing Online Games

Posted by EfrenProvost on July 5th, 2020

Many people may think of a game store, internet cafe with teenagers. Living together until late at night, or teenagers may think of A society that is like a friend to relieve stress and relieve loneliness. It is an entertainment that if playing without dividing time Will become hooked and lose education

Benefits of playing games Various media and many adults tend to see that playing games is nonsense and does not make any benefit. For the players straight away But he didn't know that the game That we play is also useful How useful is it? Let's see !!

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Gaming advantages

1. Play games to make money

Do not think that playing games will make money. But only People who play various games Can clip clip Play games on YouTube To earn advertising revenue, selling rare game items, and even if those pro gamers are deceptively skilled players, in each joke you can make money for yourself.

Up to tens or tens of thousands have already been seen But if we are not Pro gamers selling in-game items can generate revenue. For us too

2. Use the time to benefit

Many people might think, hmm? We will not argue. That is the one who has been addicted to the game like crazy Can say that dividing the time is not right but once passed At that time Felt that playing the game was a good way to spend time Useful as well

We may play during free time on the electric train, take a tour bus, take a taxi, but as I said before, The game is like a two-sided coin with both advantages and disadvantages, which can be considered one of the social problems and has not been truly resolved. In Thailand too

Used to have a program Let me grow that has organized a camp Solve the problem of game-addicted children by selecting 61 game-addicted children from over a thousand people to become addicted violent games to do activities together So that parents and children addicted to games have the opportunity to understand and exchange ideas between each other

3. Helps to relieve stress

For those who are often obsessed with stress, playing games is one way. Which helps to divert attention well, causing the state of frustration to relax, as well as making the mood feel better or relaxed.

4. Help to remember better

Most video games require a lot of thought. Especially if it's a game That requires memory In play Can even help To the brain Of players development Incredibly fast

5. Stimulate creativity

In addition to various online games , there are also many games that practice cunning, brain development, brain stimulation, such as Sudoku games. That even with serious competition like ourselves Also used to participate in school-level sudoku competitions and felt that this game Training us to concentrate Including brain training Think of solutions to problems In many ways

6. Solve problems better

People who play games on a regular basis, especially those that require analysis, planning, and a lot of thought, will help develop problem-solving skills. In real life better Or even people Play games day by day Is still a trend To have ideas Or the flair for survival Better than people who don't play games at all

Valorant game

7. Be alert

For friends Who are bored with life, want you to try playing the game Because of playing games Will help us feel excited and is a mental exercise in the body, especially if playing exciting games or games that require speed in sensory Both the hand nerve and the optic nerve will help stimulate mental alertness well.

8. Helps to slow down aging

Research has shown that older people who play video games on a regular basis have better cognitive and emotional development, since most games Will be able to exercise the brain all the time which when developing Good mental aging will also slow down.

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