Children Love Jumping on a Trampoline

Posted by AllmaJess on March 19th, 2013

How many times as a child, did you bounce on your bed trying to jump as high as possible, even at the risk of being scolded by your parents? Many times, I bet! Time has passed, the world has evolved and today children can jump as much as they want. According to researchers this type of play / training / treatment is one of the few effective ways to aid recovery in children with autism because it intensely stimulates the sensory system. Experiments give proof that children even manage to establish social relationships on these elastic trampolines, which is really amazing.

Jumping mattresses are very popular in playgrounds and children have a lot of fun on them. Their installation and maintenance is easy and the dimensions are relatively small. Trampolines usually have protective exterior walls to prevent the risk of falling outside the elastic surface. These walls also provide the advantage of control over the entry and exit, so that the jumping surface doesn’t get over-crowded. There are complexes of mattresses that allow more children to jump at the same time. These are recommended for town fairs, public events or holiday resorts. Their jumping surface is extremely resistant and shows no risk of breaking in normal conditions of use. However, specialists recommend a weekly inspection of the trampoline.

The bungee trampoline is a variation of the classic bungee jumping, with the difference that it uses elastic cords for balance, attached to a special harness. These are used to facilitate jumping and acrobatic movements. Because it is very attractive to children and teenagers, a bungee trampoline can be found in most amusement parks and hotels which have leisure activities for their clients. The jumps can reach 30 feet high, depending on the weight of the person. Installing such a device can be carried out quickly and requires two people and about an hour. They are equipped with four points of jumping, so they can serve up to 4 clients simultaneously. There are no age limitations, only weight restrictions, being able to serve customers with a body mass between 30-180 pounds.

Safety experts say that the number of trampolines used in parks is constantly growing and so is the number of injuries. They say that most injuries occur when there is more than one person on the trampoline. Children under 5 years are most likely to suffer accidents but specialists also say that trampolines are a healthy way to exercise and to have fun. Jumping devices can be safe if a few rules are followed. More than half of the accidents occur when children are not supervised by adults. An authorised and specialised supervisor can significantly reduce the risk of injuries.

Let your children jump on a trampoline and have the time of their lives, but also protect them from the possible accidents that can occur when using trampolines.

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