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Posted by AllmaJess on March 20th, 2013

     Imagine yourself sitting in an Italian restaurant and all of a sudden you are served on a white plate a flower of red and brown petals with frothy cream at its heart with black pollens strewn about. Now one might think I am an exaggerated version of a horticulturist, but in reality I am just in love with a dish of bresaola which I cannot forget and you will also not be able to forget it ones you taste it. If the figurative flower is dissected with a fork or a knife you would discover the red petals to be tomatoes with the white heart to be a cheesy dip with shallot with sprinkled olive on it. The king of the dish however the brownish red bresaola- crafted to perfection. The slice of the meat is so tender and paper thin that the exquisite taste seems to melt your heart to a hearty appetite which is perhaps the best pesto for the dish. The bresaola, drizzled with virgin olive oil and served with red wine is a perfect dish for anyone who loves Italian cuisine.

     I could not help my overwhelming urge to thank the chef and inquire of his culinary secrets to which he informed me that the Bresaola in use is the punta d’anca from Valtellina. Of course he did not disclose his sauces but nevertheless it gave me the impetus to try it out. The best Bresaola I found out came from the hind legs of the cattle. Moreover the punta d’anca was the special eye of the salmon cut which resulted in the most tender and juicy slices. The other cuts would produce the meat of similar quality but would be more salty and whole lot more chewy. This type of bresaola had its origin in Italy and it still remains the best source of this type of meat. If you are really interested in getting some good quality meat I would suggest you take them from Italian delis directly. There is a marked difference in the taste which I found out after some unhappy experiences.

      The Bresaola is close to the South African biltong but the spices used to cure the meat are different. The magnificence of the bresaola depends mainly on its curing process. The meat stump is usually covered with spices and preservatives and allowed to air dry until it loses at least 30% of its weight. It takes as long as three months to prepare a properly cured bresaola slice which is then chopped into paper thin slices and presented as a delicacy.

      If you get a the right variety of bresaola, you can create a multitude of dishes which would be ready in a short span of time.

     Juicy grilled peaches, arugula with the essence of lemon, and salty bresaola join forces to make the perfect summer lunch. The chardonnay's minerality complements the bresaola and arugula.

    You can also plan to put up a shallot-bresaola bruschetta, taking baguette with olive oil and salt baked at 400F until it turns golden. It should then be allowed to cool for some time and the shallot, rosemary are treated with olive oil and salt. The toppings are to be made of bresaola touched with sprinkled marinade.

     One can also try out the bresaola with artichokes or wild rocket salad or make a salad out of bresaola, arugula and normal Italian salad components. If mozzarella or parmesan can be added the taste is multiplied manifold much to the delight of the cook and the eater.

     Whatever you do be very careful to store your bresaola in the refrigerator in a well wrapped condition. The wrapping prevents the growth of moulds or bacterial infection on your Bresaola.

      In case you are looking forward to produce a bresaola delight of your own, you can buy your bresaola from any online deli. They get you the good quality products right upto your doorstep. At times they add special offers which include the cheese or piadina at an attractive price with your Bresaola. So why don’t you try out something new with it? I am sure by now you are attracted towards Bresaola to a great extent and just waiting to order it. I assure you that you will love it and will desperately wait to treat yourself with it again.

If Bresaola is a part of your daily meal and you are in London then you must visit This online deli will be providing you with some of the best qualities of Bresaola at reasonable price. If it is the first time for you then this deli is undoubtedly the best choice. Just order it and it will be at your doorsteps soon.

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