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Posted by AllmaJess on March 20th, 2013

The world is running so fast today that it seems impossible to keep up with all the changes that occur. In many cases, the answer to this problem is to actually stay still for a while. This is one way in which a person might afterwards be able to focus on whatever is important to them. Brainwave entrainment is an option that can fruitfully be explored in regard to this issue.

Else called “brainwave synchronization”, this practice might seem exotic to some, others might even think it is only a hotchpotch of bogus science and a drop of sheer lunacy. But if you come across relevant information and take it for what it really is, you’ll understand that brainwave entrainment is a simple, yet complex way of enhancing your own abilities. People have actually realized from ancient times how we can constructively influence ourselves; Plato, for example, pays much attention in his “Republic” to the importance of music in educating the soul and the body. Nowadays, we've discovered theta waves, binaural beats and other types of pulsations that we perceive as sounds that stimulate brain cells. It is not an incomprehensible, unnatural practice, but a physical, explainable process.

Visual stimulus can also be employed in such experiences, but audio impulses are most popular. The perception of binaural beats, for instance, leads to a certain physical spur in the brain, which encourages creativity, meditation, relaxation or other states of mind. It is, however, different from regular music audition. Even though various types of music do determine certain vibes and can help a person relax or meditate, brainwave entrainment is a planned method, created specifically for achieving particular mental states. Listening to music, on the one hand, will probably make you feel better, but it’s mostly entertainment; guiding sounds, on the other hand, are created to help you reach a purpose, to actually use the power you already have.

Of course, this technique will probably have little or no results if it is not applied properly. For example, in the case of binaural beats, phonic signals are sent to the brain in order to determine a reaction which depends directly on the frequency of the sent signal. Their influence is not related strictly and only to hearing, but consists in a whole process referred to as frequency following response. The brain will combine the external stimulants and function differently, amplifying one’s creativity, concentration or ability to meditate. Now, this causation can be brought about only with the help of headphones; each ear should hear a single, steady tone and nothing else. Played through loudspeakers, binaural tones actually become monaural.

One thing you have to remember is that a brainwave entrainment session is a personal experience. It will have a very different outcome for each subject that lives it. This technique, based on knowledge of brain function and audio impulses, is meant to heighten the abilities you already have. Binaural beats create a perfect environment for meditation, but they constitute the external boost you need on your own path. Stay still for a moment; allow yourself this experience and your own mind, your meditation will help you come across what is most valuable for your life.

If you yearn for relaxation and meditation, learn more on brainwave entrainment. Listen to binaural beats and discover the wonders of your own mind.

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