Role of Music in Early Childhood Development

Posted by Nitika sharma on July 6th, 2020

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― a famous quote by Plato(poet).

When music is connected with child development, it gives incredible results.

Preschoolers love hearing songs, rhymes, and poems. They get more attracted to sounds than text. That’s why Play Schools in Noidafocus on sounds to make learning easy and interesting. We at Aspam Preschool use music as a medium to stimulate the brain to create interactive classes. A stimulated brain tends to understand and digest the information more quickly.

The biggest advantage of listening to Music is a healthy body. Music is a medicine for many diseases like schizophrenia, Alzheimer, depression, stress, and stomach disorders. Feeling Overwhelmed after reading incredible benefits of music? This is just a trailer, the movie is still pending to be watched.

So, let’s come straight to the movie (music advantages) without waiting anymore.

5 Advantages of Music to Your Children

  1. Language Development: The words used in music triggers the child’s brain. They tend to concentrate more on what the singer is speaking. Through continuous listening of same song, the child learns its lyrics. Whenever that song is played, they will start reciting it. Try this strategy at your home. Choose a song or poem. Play it daily for a week. After some days you will notice that child has crammed the lyrics. They will either murmur the rhythm or sing the whole music composition. Usually, play school kids between 3-7 years showcase this interest.
  2. High Learning Power: Music can activate the blocked areas of the brain. If these blocked areas are opened, the learning power gets doubled. Our brain has three areas- emotional, motor and creative. Music targets these areas to increase concentration ability and memory. This is the reason why kids play schools use poems, Alphabets and counting in a song format.
  3. Promotes Happy Mood: Research says that children become more peaceful when listening to a song compared to human speech. Why? When a preschooler listens to music, the brain releases a chemical called Dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for transmitting signals to brain. The more it releases, the happier your kid will feel.
  4. Behavioral Changes:Sometimes your kid becomes sad and sometimes happy. Sometimes they feel annoyed and sometimes excited. This is what you call behavioral changes according to the situation.For example- denying to eat lunch signals child’s resentment over a past event. How to fix it?
  5. Better Sleep: Music can seriously improve the sleeping pattern. If a toddler feels difficult to sleep at night, then give them music therapy. Don’t use earbuds or headphones. This can harm their soft ear bone. Play slow relaxing music instead of hip-hop song. Slow music directs the heartbeat to enter sleep zone. Music has the power to resolve chronic sleep disorders found in adults.

How to bring music in Kid’s daily schedule?

  • Play music during lunch, breakfast and dinner so that they enjoy their food.
  • Use stories and play music on YouTube.
  • Take them on a car drive and play their nursery rhymes.
  • Change your phone ringtone to any pop music or Disney music.

If you are a busy parent. In short, have many responsibilities of handling home and office. Then prefer admitting your child to Kids Play School.

Looking for a kids play school in Indirapuram? Look nowhere! We at Aspam pre school are accepting applications for children aged above 2 years. 500+ parents, located in Indirapuram & Noida, have shown their trust in our play school. We keep parents updated with the latest developments in their children. We have 40+ staff members, in which 30 of them are mothers. Our teachers are given extensive training on early childhood development to better understand a child’s psychology.

We also offer a play school franchise to entrepreneurs and business personalities. We are on a mission to expand our educational network. Our primary motive is to educate young generation and enhance the nation’s literate population.

 Being a Franchisee, you can enjoy hefty profits at minimum investment. To get started, you will need 3000 sq.ft area and NOC from the state for starting a school. After the finalization of location, you have to invest 20-25 lakhs for equipment, infrastructure development and other essential charges. And then you’re ready to start your own Kids playschool.

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