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Posted by Johny Dean on March 22nd, 2013

A car rental is a company that rents vehicles for a certain period of time in the exchange of a fee. The purpose may vary from getting a car, to finding a solution in case of a large freight. Bedford is a city that comes associated with commercial vehicles such as light medium and heavy trucks. Bedford Vehicles or Bedford the short form was an auxiliary of Vauxhall Motors, the British subsidiary of General Motors, one of the largest producers of trucks. Langford is another important city in the county of Bedfordshire that comes associated with lorry manufacture. So if you are looking for a lorry to hire in Bedford or in Langford, then you are in the right place.

A lorry is the British version of the American truck, a motor vehicle meant to transport cargo. The dimension on a lorry varies according its structure, size and power. The biggest trucks have usually a commercial purpose, like fire trucks or suction excavators, and enter the category of large goods vehicles because they exceed 3500 kilograms. Those with less than 3500 kilograms are light commercial vehicles. Bedfordshire comes easily accompanied with Lorries for its connection with General Motors the great trucks manufacturer.

Langford is famous for its truck parade, it has become a tradition. The residents celebrate the Annual Festival of lights Fire Engine Parade, when lots of brightly decorated fire engines together with police cars, ambulances and other emergency vehicles leave the City Center Park, take a 75 minutes journey through the community and then head back to the park. The event is a good advertising moment for the lorry hire commercials that have the best opportunity of exhibiting their vehicles.

Bedford has a very long history with truck production, and perhaps that is why it has remained up to these days a very important center for lorry hire. Different truck models were created here, and the Bedford residents have a certain pride when it comes to Lorries. The Overhead Valve and the six cylinder Chevrolet engine have a very important role in Bedford’s initial success to break into the UK and British Empire market. Bedford is also representative for introducing the WT series in November 1933 and for the development of a 15 cwt lorry for the British War Office during WWII.

There is a wide list of Bedford vehicles produced in Bedford, and its contribution to WWII is huge. The importance of a truck in a man’s life is also significant. People need to carry high weight products and Lorries come very handy in those times. Hire agencies in Bedfordshire have a high demand of these large goods vehicles because it’s an area where people need the help of a cargo transporter.

But a Lorry hire in Bedford can be done with other purposes too. Such as entertainment, since Bedford is the place where you can drive a Monster truck just for fun. There are also kids’ experiences at Bedford Autodrome, where children can drive a 4 X 4 through the mud and through an off road of course. So as seen, Bedford and Langford are two cities where trucks have a long history, and where the lorry hire has multiple functions.

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