Prostate Cancer Prognosis - An Overview

Posted by Prostateseedinstitute on March 23rd, 2013

Cancer is a very severe and a dreadful disease. There are many types of cancer which can be found in a human body. One of those types is prostate cancer. The prostate is a part of the male body which contains glands and muscle tissue. It is part of the male reproductive system. Prostate cancer develops in the prostate glands. The cells have the potential to spread from the prostate gland to the bones and other different parts of the body which can make it very serious issue. A person suffering from prostate cancer may feel pain, have difficulty during the urination process and even can face many problems while having sexual intercourse.

There are many treatments for prostate cancer like surgery, radiation therapy as well as hormonal therapy but it totally depends on the age or the maturity of the patient. There are various treatment methods in treatment centers of North Texas that can help cure this dreadful disease.  Some of them are:

•    Prostate Seed Implantation
•    High Dose Rate Radiation Therapy (HDR)
•    External Beam Radiation Therapy (IMRT and IGRT)
•    Combination Therapy

In the prostate seed implantation technique, small radioactive pellets or seeds are carefully put inside or near the tumor. As the seeds are radioactive, they release energy in the cancer cells and they are killed. The radioactive material decays over a period of time of several weeks resulting in no remaining radioactive material in the prostate glands. This procedure is so simple that it takes about an hour or so and you can resume your normal daily routine within a day or two. It has been proved that it is the best way to cure a patient suffering from prostate cancer.

There is one more way to treat prostate cancer and which is a High-dose rate Brachytherapy (HDR or Temporary brachytherapy). It is a newer form of Brachytherapy. In this treatment procedure the seeds are placed over or near the cancer tumor temporarily. These seeds contain a higher intensity radioactive material than prostate seed implants, so they are placed in the body for less than an hour over the glands. In this technique the patient has to come for treatment at regular intervals for about two weeks. This technique is relatively pain free as compared to Brachytherapy.

So, any person who is suffering from prostate cancer should make an appointment at a treatment center in North Texas where there are many skilled and professional doctors who can help you fight this disease.
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The Prostate Seed Institute has treated over 4000 men suffering from prostate cancer using prostate seed implant therapy. Dr. Gregory Echt, a prostate cancer specialist is among the top radiation oncologists performing prostate seed implant procedures in the United States for the treatment of prostate cancer.


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