Professional Land Survey Services and the Survey Equipment They Use

Posted by GiulyRotarry on March 24th, 2013

When considering purchasing a property, before any deals are made, a home buyer is recommended to conduct a land survey on the land. Over the years, land surveying has made researching and observing a site a much less time consuming activity. In fact, it is a process that helps with the gathering of precise data of a specific area rather than trust assumptions or certain estimations regarding a property. To conduct land surveying in a professional manner, one has to use the proper survey equipment and the latest technology on the market. Throughout this article we will be describing each aspect of the equipment required and how it can help land surveyors attract more clients and ultimately, provide better services.

There are a couple of tools required for a professional research and their variety is owed to the distinct features of the site to be surveyed. The most basic tools are considered to be scanners, specialised software, cameras and the measuring equipment.

When talking about laser scanners, there are two types used for a land survey and the most notable one is the non-contact. It is mainly used for surveillance purposes for areas and objects that might prove challenging to reach. For example, with high mountains or uncharted terrains, a 3D scanner doesn’t have to get near the subject to assess it since it can be used remotely. A professional firm will use these types of scanners to gather the required data, seeing as they provide accurate images and precise results.

Cameras are in fact used at the same time with other surveying instruments. For lands that don’t present any challenges, such as accessible lands or lower ones, there is no need for the use of 3D scanners so cameras may be used for determining boundaries and the distance measurements.

Also, by using specialised software to enhance the quality of the acquired images, there is no need to re-survey. The fact is, surveying instruments are not enough in conducting all the tasks related to the process, so, to that end, land surveyors add to their survey equipment the latest imaging software that can truly improve on the quality of the service provided. Not only do they help to enhance gathered images, but specialised programs also help with computing the acquired data. By using them, land surveyors can count on statistical numbers that are of vital importance in the decision making process.

Many companies providing this service have also invested in several imagining and computing technologies which can be used for either land or aerial analysis. For example, one of the most recent technologies used in high definition scanners for assessing certain locations, LIDAR or Light Detecting and Ranging has proved to be a wise investment.

There are many surveying instruments required to provide a precise and accurate land survey service and many companies have wisely invested in acquiring the latest developments in survey equipment, available on the market. However, even the latest technology can only do so much under certain conditions so this field still requires the expertise of an experienced land surveyor.

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