Things to Avoid While using Daysoft Silk

Posted by SharonEvans on March 25th, 2013

Contact lenses are becoming the preferred solutions for people suffering from visual problems. Men and women who have normal eyesight also prefer these accessories since it helps them look different each day without having to make any permanent changes. Considering the varying needs of people, there are various types of lenses such as the daily contact lenses, monthly disposable lenses, extended wear lenses, fashion contact lenses and many more. Daily disposable lenses such as the Daysoft Silk, 1 day Acuvue, Focus Dailies and others are popular among the young and old alike, since they are easy to use and do not require extensive care and maintenance. However, there are certain things that you need to refrain from while wearing these lenses in order to prevent eye irritation, infection and other problems.

One of the main things that you need to avoid while using Daysoft Silk or other contact lenses is stepping into the water with them on. Once you insert 1 day Acuvue, Focus Dailies and other daily disposable lenses into the eyes, you tend to forget about their existence since they are extremely soft and do not cause any inconvenience. Most people either plunge into the swimming pool or enter the bathroom for a shower without removing the lenses. The contaminants present in the water can get into the eyes through the contact lenses and cause infection. The chlorine present in the water found in swimming pools also causes eye irritation and redness when it interacts with the contact lens. It is imperative that you remove lenses before coming in contact with water.

Another thing to avoid while using 1 day Acuvue, Daysoft Silk and other lenses is applying makeup before insertion. If you wear lenses daily and apply makeup, it is important to know the order in which the two need to be done. Before you apply eye makeup, you have to wash your hands and insert the contact lens into your eyes. Close your eyes for a few seconds while your eyes adjust to the lenses and then proceed with the eye makeup. Refrain from using powder based makeup products since there are chances of the fine powder particles making their way into the eyes and causing discomfort. Use cream or water based makeup products that cause minimal problems, even with application. Before removing the contact lenses, ensure you remove the makeup thoroughly to prevent it from coming into contact with the lenses.

If you are a regular user of Daysoft Silk or 1 day Acuvue, you need to know the dos and don’ts at the gym. Though there is no restriction on wearing the lenses while performing the exercises or using the gym equipment, you have to be careful before you enter the sauna or the steam section of the gym. The heat in the sauna will cause the eyes to quickly dry out, which in turn increases the discomfort in the eyes if you are wearing lenses.

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