The Importance of Conducting a Land Survey before Buying a Home

Posted by GiulyRotarry on March 25th, 2013

When considering purchasing a property, there are certain aspects to take into account before making the final decision. Seeing as buying either a plot or a house is not only a costly expense, but also a long term investment, it seems only fair that you should thoroughly consider it before taking any rash decisions. First step to follow is to conduct a land survey on the property you are considering purchasing and when it comes to having to conduct a land survey London can offer a lot of reputable options to take into consideration.

A land surveyor will assure you of what you are getting for your expense. Whether the property’s features like trees, driveways, fences actually lie on the land you are considering and if any neighbours’ are intruding on your property, the land surveyor can make sure there are no conflicts with any aspect of the property. When it comes to building and wetland regulations, they can make certain that the property you are considering adhered to all these regulations.

By conducting a land survey, you are making certain of what exactly you are purchasing so as to avoid future property claims that might appear. Purchasing a land or a home is an important expense as it is and overlooking the possibility of legal expenses resulted from such property claims is a considerable risk. Land surveying may look like an unnecessary expense in the beginning, but it is one that will pay up in the future by saving you from any potential surprises in the future.

As I was saying, when dealing with land survey London provides a lot of options for the potential buyer. A land surveyor will set up the official limits in terms of land, airspace and water, by researching the historical borders and by taking the necessary measurements. He will also have to go through all the documentation regarding the property you are considering and interpret what counts as property lines so as to detect any conflicts. Only after doing a thorough study of the documentation will he proceed to establishing the limits of the property itself. As it can deduced, land surveying relies considerably on the experience and the skill of the land surveyor.

It is important to not rely solely on the land survey that the current landowner can provide since it may not include recent changes. The land surveyor can place markers to the corners of the land so to be well aware of its limits. Before conducting it though, you should request a property profile from your real estate agent as this will contain details like ownership information, the plat map, tax information and even a legal description. It will prove a good place to start when assessing the purchase.

Before considering purchasing a land and a home, make sure you first conduct a land survey and to that end, make certain you hire a reputable company which has the expertise and the technology to provide the best service. When having to conduct a land survey London offers a full range of options. For more information on land surveying, check out our website.

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