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Posted by Ecareindia on March 26th, 2013

Both Providers and medical billing companies are going through fire and water each day to sustain their place in the healthcare domain. Though they try to sort out several problems and find solutions independently, certain issues still stand out and pose a great challenge. An inflated AR is one among them. Let’s take a look at the causes and the consequences of an inflated AR,

  • More often than not, physicians who take up medical billing in-house sometimes delay in depositing cheques in the bank. It is not because of negligence, but ignorance on its importance as well.
  • Thinking that good revenue cycle management depends mainly on accurate medical claims billing, physicians and medical billing companies deploy all their valuable resources on it. To share a truth, errors do occur and claims get denied despite showing extensive care. Disappointingly, only a few resources will be available to take care of these denied claims. Gradually, the accumulating claims result in AR inflation. However, by the time physicians and medical claims billing teams realize this fact, it becomes too late.
  • Yet another situation that causes an inflated AR is delayed EOB scanning. An EOB (Explanation of Benefits) statement documents several important details, which include the outstanding amount payable by patients. When physicians and medical billing company employees fail to enter the EOBs on to the billing system in a timely manner, a negative balance reflects on it. Consequently, their revenue cycle management gets affected badly.
  • Poor medical claims billing and inflated AR affect the relationship of healthcare facilities and medical billing companies with the Payers. Sometimes, insurance companies would have paid the claim amount, but they might not be properly accounted in the billing system in a timely manner. Without realizing it, physician’s billing staff or the medical billing companies would end up calling insurance companies time and again, disturbing their workflow. It might at some point trigger disputes.

In order to avoid poor medical claims billing, AR inflation and the ultimate consequences, it is highly essential that both Providers and medical billing companies take up help from offshore companies that have the necessary staff strength to handle such voluminous tasks.

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