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Posted by GiulyRotarry on March 26th, 2013

A discolored toenail more often than not is an indication of more than just a change in appearance. To be straight, chances are the discoloration is caused by a fungal infection. If you’ve also noticed that your toenail tends to thicken and you detect a yellowish shade or a small white spot on the tip of your toenail, then you are in the first stages of an infection. As it becomes more pronounced, the discoloration will turn into a deeper shade of yellow, green, white or black, and by that time you will have to resort to medical treatment. But if you have paid attention and you caught early enough, there is a certain toenail fungus cure which has shown results with mild cases of infection. Keep reading for more details.

First step is to buy a few pairs of socks and throw your old ones as these have been in contact with your infected toenail. As for your shoes, put them in the freezer overnight and then dry them in the morning, in the dryer, at a full cycle, to make sure the remaining fungus has been completely destroyed. You might also want to thoroughly wash your bathroom tile with bleach and your bathtub as well. Don’t forget to rinse if you have pets. This is to guarantee that you are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure the efficiency of the toenail fungus care you will be trying so as to turn that discolored toenail into the healthy pink it used to be.

Tea tree oil has shown promising results so far, but with infections not much advanced than 3 months. Before you use it though, make sure you have trimmed your toenails as short as possible as the infection is caused by an accumulation of fungus beneath the nail. Tea tree oil should be rubbed onto the toenail with a Qtip dabbed in the solution twice a day, once in the morning, before going to work, and once at night, before going to sleep. The process should be repeated until your nail turns a healthy shade of pink. It is recommended that you do this with all your toenails as there is a possibility of the others being infected, just not in the same degree. Tea tree oil has very useful properties, such as anti-fungal and anti-septic, which have proved very effective in fighting the early stages of this infection.

If the cure has proved efficient, then you should know that the infection is recurrent and you need to take some precautions to avoid finding yourself in the same position twice. Try keeping your socks and your shoes as dry as possible, as this fungus likes moisture. You should avoid tight fitting shoes altogether, as your feet will most likely sweat. As the fungus thrives in a moist environment like the locker room, don’t forget wearing your flip flops next time you go to the gym or your local pool.

Tea tree oil is just one toenail fungus cure that works. To find out more on how to make the best use of home remedies to turn your discolored toenail into that natural shade of pink, check out our website.

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