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Posted by Johny Dean on March 27th, 2013

The Eiffel Tower, the skyscrapers in your city or the common house appliances you use daily, they all have one thing in common: steel. This metal alloy is one of the most widely used construction materials throughout the world. Because of its massive use for all sorts of purposes, steel is fabricated in most countries and major cities, and that includes some steel fabrication Warrington companies.
Steel is so popular because it has multiple functions and it has strong resistance in time. If you were wondering how steel fabrication Warrington companies create steel, than here’s the “recipe”: the main ingredient is iron, combined with carbon, oxygen and a few other substances, sulphur and manganese being two of them. When it comes to the strength that we usually assimilate this alloy with, the key element that confers durability is carbon. Steel repair Warrington factories only use a small percentage of carbon when creating steel; otherwise the alloy would become brittle.

Now that we’ve understood how steel is obtained, it’s time to see what uses it has. Steel fabrication Warrington manufacturers receive many different orders from costumers: steel is used for producing machinery, for creating strong building structures, tools for every day human activity, for producing electrical appliances but also for decoration and design. Basically, we have steel structures all around us, so this alloy has great importance in our civilisation. Thus, steel repair Warrington factories face a great demand in our industrialized and vertically developing society.

The reasons behind the vast use of steel in all areas of life reside in the properties of steel, in the advantages it brings whenever we are creating something that needs to be durable. Because of the way this metal is prepared, it offers great resistance. You can be sure the steel that comes out of steel repair Warrington factories is harder and more resistant than iron. Also, steel is not affected by rust as iron is, and deformities rarely occur, even when high temperatures are involved. Adding to this the fact that it can be pretty much modified in any shape, and it’s an alloy that’s elastic, we can see why steel is the preferred construction material people use.

Steel performs very well in many situations, and it has the advantage of not costing as much as other construction materials. Steel repair Warrington factories produce and repair steel for a number of different industries. The fabrication of steel includes processes such as cutting and reshaping, welding or sand blasting, in order to deliver the final products. You may also have heard of structural steel. This process refers to creating steel products composed out of varied pieces of steel, for many different uses: small parts of your car, electrical appliances or simply decorative items. Steel is very popular in decoration and design, because it is resistant and because it has aesthetic qualities: it’s shiny and it goes well with modern, simple designs. It can also be cut in a variety of different shapes and small parts, so wonder no more why it’s so popular.

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