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Posted by Johny Dean on March 27th, 2013

Finding the perfect door for your house is not that easy as it sounds. This is especially because today there are so many options on the market. While wooden doors are something that not everyone can afford, there are also other available choices. With Composite door St Helens you will discover how a synthetic door can be even better than a natural one. Long term resistance, strong internal structure or elegant looks are just some of the assets of these high quality doors. Rockdoor St Helens have their products covered by a fully comprehensive ten year guarantee.

Whether it is the front or the back door, the entrance in your home will always have something to say about you, about the interior of the house and about the way you welcome your guests. Some doors even draw the attention of those passing by from far away. Some others have won the battle against time and now they have a personal character, a history. Still, one thing is for sure: a door should not be only functional, but also aesthetical. In the end, it does have a huge impact on the overall aspect of the building.

The composite door St Helens is not only very resistant, but it also comes in many variations in terms of looks. You can personalise everything from the glass, to the design or colour in order to create a door that belongs exactly in your home. Patterned glass, decorative triple glazing and brilliant cut bevels are just some of the options you have when you design your specially manufactured Rockdoor St Helens. But if you ran out of ideas, you can even check the showroom to see if you find something to match your tastes there.

You might wonder why pick a composite door and not a natural wooded one. Wooden doors are attractive indeed because of the lustrous shine and the high quality aspect they provide. The problem is that, besides being very expensive, they don’t come with a long term resistance. On the opposite, your door will never crack, break or need painting with Composite Door St Helens. And on top of that, these doors even come with a wood-like look, even though they are manufactured from glass reinforced polyester. This way, Rockdoor St Helens’ products have a great heat and sound insulation.

With good looks that last, these doors are weather and scratch resistant so you don’t have to worry they will be destroyed so easily. Recent strength tests performed on composite and normal doors have proven that rockdoors are indeed much stronger. They have a 30% better resistance to damages than other similar products. The video is also available online so you can see the difference for yourself. But what is it that makes the Rockdoor St Helens so secure? First of all, it is the internal steel mesh that makes the door almost impossible to cut trough. Moreover, supplementary materials are used to reinforce the outer and the inner frame. Other details, like Nickel hooks, steel drill plates or locking cylinders contribute to the high quality of the final products.

With Rockdoor St Helens you will make an investment that pays off with high standards results. There is no room for regrets because Composite Door St Helens guarantees products 30% more stronger than the others. Take a look and see for yourself!

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