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Posted by Johny Dean on March 27th, 2013

Does your old floor need a new look? Or maybe you have a new floor that needs a smooth finish in order to look great. If your answer is yes, Wood Floor Sanding Dunfermline can give you a hand no matter how demanding is your request. Every difficult problem you have is taken as a challenge. The latest technology equipment on the market is used for the best results, next to high quality coating materials. Even more, while the traditional floor dusting technique used to be very dusty, today the procedure is 98% dust free.

Floor sanding is the process in which the top surfaces of a floor are removed with abrasive materials. It is generally used for making old hardwood floors look shiny new. However, there are new floors specially designed for sanding. This way they get the smooth, flawless aspect and all the irregularities are removed. If your parquet requires a fresh look, Floor Sanding Dunfermline can give you a hand regardless of the type of floor being sanded. The experts will adapt the procedure to every needs of the client. Delicate areas can be hand sanded as well if necessary. Wood Floor Sanding Dunfermline will make sure to remove exactly the quantity of wood that needs to be cleared.

The traditional technique used in sanding is a very dusty process. This might turn your house into a real mess, spreading the dust everywhere. It can also be very unhealthy, especially if you have allergies. The reason is because originally, the equipment used for this technique collected the dust in a bag and filtered it. When the bag filled, the dust was more difficult to filter. Because of that, the sanding couldn’t function well. All the remaining dust was, of course, scattered around the house. Today, this aspect is no longer a problem. Technology has evolved to solve this major issue. By removing the bag from the machine, pressure is eliminated and the process of collecting the dust is much more efficient.

Wood Floor Sanding Dunfermline guarantees a 98% dust free procedure with the ultimate professional equipment. Only the best materials are used so that with 3 coats of varnish will make your floor be as resistant as one from a museum. Three important steps involved in this process are: capturing, transferring and collecting the dust. The floor will be inspected completely and any potential problem areas will be treated carefully. The procedure will result in a smooth finish and all the flaws will disappear.

It is very important to understand every aspect of this process because you need to know how to maintain the results on a long term. This way, Floor Sanding Dunfermline will give you all the necessary advice regarding the way you should treat the surface during the curing period. Some floors might even take one week to fully recover.

Contact Floor Sanding Dunfermline to get a free estimate. With 10 years of experience in the field, Wood Floor Sanding Dunfermline can guarantee top quality results.

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