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Posted by adairsawyer on March 27th, 2013

In contemporary society, living beyond one's means has almost become the norm. As a result, frugal living tips are being regarded as increasingly useful by those who are overwhelmed by financial difficulties but still wish to enjoy affordable holiday activities and make ends meet on a daily basis. Frugal living is based on a great sense of responsibility and authentic dedication to well-established spending rules, but the necessary tips to adopt this type of lifestyle can be found on any frugal living blog, which is why there is no excuse for postponing this major and essential change in one's life. 

Many people tend to live beyond their means by spending more than earned. There are, usually, several signs pointing out that a certain person is not used to the frugal lifestyle described on most frugal living blogs. Such people generally spend their entire income, refusing to set aside any financial buffer. They believe that having a savings account is not helpful or useful in any way. Moreover, they think it would prevent them from buying more than they afford, which would contravene with their spending habits.

Another obvious sign of not living frugally – according to the standards set on any frugal living blog – is having a balance on credit cards that has remained the same for the past couple of years. People with a great sense of responsibility usually pay off their debts within a year and prefer to pay cash rather than use credit cards for basic household expenses, which helps avoid going into overwhelming debt. 

People that are not aware of the benefits described on frugal living blogs are usually the ones with overdraft fees and fail to realize that bad credit diminishes buying power, has a negative impact on the cost of insurance and can make it difficult for anyone to be hired regardless of their professional skills. In addition, those that live beyond their means buy goods that they do not need and become addicted to the short lived enjoyment of purchasing expensive items. 

However, frugal living is something that can be learned by simply putting into practice a few frugal living tips that are to be found on any frugal living blog and which can be used on a daily basis as well as on holidays or at special events. For instance, instead of spending a fortune on gasoline, one can carpool with friends or have a conversion done to the car (in order to make it operate on old grease). To this, one can add eating at home more often than dining out, reducing shower time, operating fewer utilities simultaneously and unplugging appliances that are not in use.  

Taking up gardening and freezing left-over food are also great frugal living tips that can reduce grocery expenses. Moreover, making the best of objects that are no longer useful by recycling or swapping them (on sites which specializing in trading second-hand items) is also considered a good frugal living tip that is usually strongly recommended on any certified frugal living blog. 

On holidays, one can learn to adapt to frugal living just as efficiently as in everyday life. For instance, one can make Christmas holiday an affordable as well as a special season time by: attending lighting ceremonies, making time for school plays, admiring Christmas lights, enjoying December snow, visiting Winter Wonderlands and spending time at home with family and friends. In case these tips alone are not convincing enough, it is desirable to visit a frugal living blog which can provide an even greater number of tips on making Christmas affordable as well as enjoyable.

There are many homeowners who decorate their properties with appealing lights and in all great cities, Christmas lighting ceremonies are usually organized in order to allow all people to enjoy a free show consisting of: the countdown for the switch to turn on millions of lights, horse drawn carriage rides and creatively decorated shop windows. Once the ceremonies are over, people can still enjoy outdoor activities such as: snow sledding, snowball fights and snowman building.

However, if one prefers indoor activities to outdoor ones, there are plenty of options to choose from: inexpensive high school performances, visiting with Santa or riding a toy train for free in a Winter Wonderland and spending quality time with family members at home (where one can enjoy completing puzzles, watching movies, playing board games, making Christmas cookies and putting together gift boxes). 

For more details, check out a frugal living blog and read more about frugal living tips .

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