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Computer Games Or Outdoor Games Which Is Better?

Posted by soushya on July 8th, 2020

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Computer games or outdoor games? A question that would get different answers and different perspectives from many young children nowadays. 

As technology has advanced playing outdoor games has become thing of the past. Through this article, Sanskar Innovative school would like to discuss briefly on which is better computer games or outdoor games. Let’s go! 

Video Games


Several top CBSE residential schools in Hyderabad don’t see computer games as something negative because it stimulates the psychomotor coordination of the child. Few games are designed to enhance problem-solving and the ability to persevere in a task. There are few role-playing games which help young children rehearse and practice many of the activities that he will face in adult life. Few games which require the use of joysticks, mouse, buttons and keys, screens or interfaces will ensure the subsequent adaptation of the child to the technological world in which we live.


The problem arises with desensitization. Through play, a child also acquires values and attitudes. There are many games available online which normalises violence as a means to resolve conflicts, or discriminatory behaviours are justified. Such games might harm a child’s thinking. Children who get addicted to video games distance themselves from their family or adopt a sedentary lifestyle which is an enemy of good health. Video games also have an effect on children’s eyesight, causing stress to eye muscles for being continuously focused on looking so closely. The eye goes alternating the vision of near and far and constantly adjusting to changes of colour and brightness of the screen which can have negative implications.

The solution

Video games can be a great help to entertain and learn different skills and concepts, provided they are used in moderation. As one of the top CBSE schools in hyd, we suggest Parents monitor games their child is playing and if they are appropriate for their age and interests. Keeping children away from the screens is not an effective solution but is best if we can monitor the amount of time they spend each day and to discourage them just playing video games and encouraging them to alternate with other activities or outdoor games.

Outdoor games


Outdoor games are important for the proper physical and psychological development of children. Our boarding school in Hyderabad encourages outdoor games that improve coordination, balance, temporal space organization, fine and gross motor skills, muscle capacity and precision. Children learn to socialise and be a good team member through outdoor games. Outdoor games help in increasing the stamina and endurance of the child. This is because all the outdoor games require a lot of physical activity. This means that outdoor games help the child to develop their overall personality.


Unlike video games, outdoor games do not stimulate logic and problem-solving skills. Also, children get to meet different people through outdoor games and can easily imbibe the negative aspects of other people’s personalities. It is hard to monitor the kind of friends they are making outdoors. In video games, a child’s identity is masked by the character they are playing but in real-world other children get to see who your child is and can be an area of bullying ground.

The solution

As one of the top schools in Hyderabad, we suggest parents accompany their child in initial days to a sports ground or arrange for a place where your child can play that’s easy to monitor. This way you can monitor any bad behaviour your child might be subjected to.

So, Which is Better?

Both online and outdoor games have their own set of advantages. But it’s evident that outdoor games bring more benefits to the table than online games. But on the other hand video games are easily monitored at the comfort of your home. In places where parents tend to fear for the security of their children, online games take the lead.


Children should indulge in both video games and outdoor activities in equal measure. Just like any form of recreation, too much of one thing can be bad. That is the reason our CBSE school in Medchal offers a healthy mix of outdoor activities and video games that are going to be healthy and positive for children. One of the greatest jobs of childhood is to explore the world outside the confines of our homes and having fun while exploring. The entire world is an undiscovered territory and being the explorer gives on immense joy and satisfaction. Now is that exploration being done physically by being present outside homes or adopting a VR game that lets you explore the world without stepping out of comfort, that’s up to the parents and their children.

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