Plastic Vials of All Sizes

Posted by johnssmith00 on March 28th, 2013

Often used in laboratories, vials come in many designs and with different particularities. Their characteristics depend on their purpose. For example, glass vials are better used for sensitive substances, which require special care. They also have better thermal resistance, unlike plastic vials, which can only resist at temperatures below 175° C. Nonetheless, these tiny plastic containers weight less and they are less probable to break. Even if both types of materials are highly compatible with a wide range of substances, there might be cases when one is more appropriate than the other. Both types of vials, along with other sorts of containers can be found in online catalogues distributed by the suppliers.

Plastic vials are very popular today because of their better resistance to breakage, but also because of their low disposal costs. Not to mention, weight can be a problem sometimes with other recipients, but these vials are made out of polypropylene, a modern material which ponders much less than glass. They are 80 % lighter than glass bottles. This can also reduce transportation costs or even disposal costs. Polypropylene is also environmental friendly. Incinerating containers made out of this material turns them into water and carbon dioxide and nothing more.

Plastic has the advantage of being compatible with a wide range of substances and it is an excellent choice when it comes to auto sampling machines. Also, it is suitable for storing pH sensitive samples. They are ideal for many injections and infusion fluids and all medical personnel are protected against harmful products with these plastic vials. They come in standard sizes varying from 2.5 dram to 50 dram. Caps are tightly fit, keeping the contents safe inside the recipient. Sample kits can be ordered online from the manufacturers.

The biggest disadvantage of plastic containers is that they have a low resistance to high temperatures. They cannot bear temperatures more than 135° C - 175° C. Glass vials however can withstand up to 500° C. They are the most commonly used containers for storing analytical substances in medical or chemistry laboratories. The vials come with high quality Black Phenolic TriFoil Cap, or upgradable to Black PolySeal Coned Cap, which keep the substances very secured.

Nowadays, many manufacturers provide online services for their clients. This means you have the possibility to browse a complete catalogue directly on their websites. If it is difficult to make a decision, there is an option which allows you to compare 2 or more products at a time, by clicking the button called ‘add to compare’. This way you can see better which product has the characteristics that fit better with your needs. After the decision is taken, all you have to do is register the order and the products are already on the way. The shipment will not take more than 2 days.

If you want to take advantage of the opportunity to buy plastic vials or glass vials from the comfort of your home or office, check the online catalogue directly from the manufacturer.

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