Online recycled art galleries expose a new trend in art

Posted by maryparker on March 29th, 2013

It is no more a surprise lately to find pieces of recycled art when you browse for a certain online art gallery. This new trend in art is every day more present in our lives. Art creators embrace this type of art hoping to make it easier to communicate messages related to the health of the planet and its inhabitants, or simply demonstrate that something supposed to be ugly and repulsive, like garbage, can give birth to something beautiful and attractive, like a piece of art. This is a struggle to lead against carelessness and ignorance, which can together destroy Planet Earth.

We are accustomed to visit an online art gallery and find there all kinds of pieces of art, such as paintings, sculptures, tapestries, goblins, ceramics, porcelain, and so on. What is weird for us when we visit such a gallery is to see objects that are made of other objects that we remember to have seen in the trash. Maybe it is hard to detach yourself from the image of those little things that compose the big object. In this case, you could say you cannot see the wood for the trees. The object should be considered in its entirety and you should appreciate whether this whole does have an artistic value or not.

Recycled art is far more present now in our communities than it was a decade ago. This is the result of more artists involving in the movement for a cleaner planet, with less waste and less risks for peoples’ health too. But it is also an alignment to a new trend in art, which tries to demonstrate that every object could have a new value that we often do not perceive. An artist can see through things and find that “something” that could easily turn a common object into a new value.

The way we receipt this new form of art is essential for what recycled art may become in the future. This trend that tends to turn all those things we usually send to trash into objects with high artistic value is practically taking by storm the artistic world. Contemporary exponents of this world are attracted to this new perspective and dedicate their efforts to a noble cause, that of saving the planet and the whole mankind.

Their work has also the aim of educating people to care more about what they do with their waste and determining them to reduce the amount of objects they throw everywhere they go, without thinking about how much they impact on the environment. This is a tough task that modern artists assume courageously.

Recycled art is a modern form of turning useless objects that normally would go to trash into objects with artistic value. Such pieces of art are often exposed in an online art gallery dedicated to upcycling art, where you can admire and eventually buy them.

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