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Posted by GiulyRotarry on March 31st, 2013

In times where pollution threatens the environment and, as a consequence, our health, finding solutions to clean the air should be a priority. One of them, which is also an appealing one, lays in air plants. Species like tillandsia use the harmful particles to be found in the air to feed. They represent the best choice due to the fact that you don’t have to find soil for them as they don’t need one. Furthermore, their beautiful and unique appearance is perfect for the appearance of every city or, why not, each garden. They seem to bring light and life wherever they are located.

When you want to add something special that would make your garden look amazing, you should try with air plants such as tillandsia. You can make some great combinations and, if you mix them with some sculptures or designs, you will definitely be surprised with the amazing result you will get. Still, make sure that it will not be exposed to sun for too long. With some inspiration and thinking, each landlord can find the best place where to plant these species. They make a good investment because they will ensure you a cleaner air and you will enjoy seeing their beautiful colors day by day.

Choosing to purchase air plants requires your attention as you want to enjoy their presence for a long time.  For instance, tillandsia needs to be watered during summer and you should also avoid leaving it too much in the sun. It is a good option to hold them indoors too. You will feel the difference immediately as such beneficial plants do play their part in maintaining a clean air. You will definitely fall in love with its strong colors and you will feel how they will bring more life to your rooms. When you want to make a significant change, take into consideration this option.

There are some aspects to be taken into consideration in case you decide on tillandsia. First of all, ensure them an appropriate temperature that won’t be higher than 25 degrees during summer. You should make sure that, during the cold season, the temperature won’t fall below 15 degrees. Otherwise, you will notice how the leaves will start loosing their health.  Secondly, make sure you provide them with water every day. As long as you decide on air plants, it is better to show them some care. They do need attention and, if you notice some possible disease, then make sure you take care of them with the right substances.

You can find different plants for you home and garden on the Internet too. In this way, you can say that you are spared of the effort of going from store to store in searching for the best item for you. There are various websites which provide you with a wide range of pictures illustrating plants of different dimensions and prices. In this case, there is no way you won’t find something for your needs and budget. Go online and make the right choice and you will be glad when you will receive your delivery. Air plants make the perfect decision.

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