Should you Choose Character Wood Flooring?

Posted by willowsonflooring on April 2nd, 2013

Have you ever spent some time examining solid wood flooring and not just glancing at it as people most often do? If you spend some time examining hardwood flooring you will notice that there is a beauty that flows through each plank of flooring. Just think about what a tree goes through in fifty years of growth. Some years are really wet and some are really dry. There may be a forest fire that the tree must survive. There could be any number of things that can happen to a tree during its growth, and that will have an effect on the way it looks.

There is a certain amount of character to the way that a hardwood flooring plank looks. There are knots, veins, striations, and streaks in wood that makes it unique from other wood. Each tree is different from each other tree, even if they are the same species. Planks cut from one part of the tree are different from planks cut from other parts. Planks cut from the centre of a tree can have an almost 3-D look and these planks are sometimes referred to as heartwood since it comes from an area closer to the tree’s core. These are often the type of floors that are put in cabins.

There are thousands, perhaps even millions, of stories being told by wood flooring. You have to decide if character wood flooring is something that you want in your home or if you just prefer flooring that has a more uniform appearance. This type of wood can be called “clear wood,” and it is taken from the area of the tree that is closer to the bark. Some think that this type of wood has a more sophisticated look.

One of the things to keep in mind when choosing your wood flooring is the fact that flooring that has a lot of character because of knotholes may be difficult to protect fully. The knotholes can be a weak spot in the wood and may be difficult to finish and seal. Sometimes dirt and moisture can collect in these areas and both are things that can damage hardwood flooring.

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